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As of yet, the names of pole dance tricks have not been standardized (I wish they were!) although the Pole Fitness Association has published a visual glossary of the most common or popular moves and tricks and their respective names.

(Click on the image here to view the free 2010 version. It has since been updated and you can purchase from the Pole Fitness Association.)

I will provide the most comprehensive list that I have found here with links to either photos or videos that demonstrate the trick.

You can search either by type of move (spin, et cetera) or by the name of the trick. Here are some pole dance moves guides that you can use to learn the names and what the tricks look like. 

Basic pole spins
 will be some of the first tricks you will learn if you were taking a pole dancing class or lesson even by dvd. Spins start to strengthen your upper body adnlet you get a feel of your weight being held out by your arms while in centrifugal motion.

Beginner pole tricks are good to learn along with spins and strengthening your body.

Intermediate pole tricks requires that you be able to do a basic invert and that your core strength is built enough to start moving on to more advanced tricks.

Super advanced pole dance moves requires a strong invert, strong core and shoulder and back strength.

Transitions are used in between moves, spins and tricks to create flow in your routine, to keep you moving during a pole dance workout or to allow you to catch your breath...because pole dancing will take your breath away-literally!!!

Floorwork is also good to know for those spins and tricks that have you dismounting and ending up on the floor...floorwork will allow your routine to go on without you looking like you just fell and have to get up! Getting up sexy is a whole lot better...and prettier!

List of Pole Dance Trick Names

 (and some have more than one name!)

Aerial Invert

Armpit Hold; Fang

Fireman; Firefly; Fairy Spin

Backhook; Goddess; Half-Pint Spin

Backhand Grip Spin; Pendulum Spin

Ballerina; Attitude: Sunwheel Spin

Brass Monkey

Carousel Kick; Carousel Climb

Caterpillar; Pole Pounce

Carousel-Straddle; Open-V Spin

Chair Spin

Cross Ankle Release

Diamond Toes; Peter Pan Spin

Fan Kick; Windmill

Front Hook Spin

Full Bracket

Hook and Roll; Rock your Bottom Spin

Inverted Crucifix

Iron X

Open V Invert

Pike Spin; Pipe Spin

Pike Passe Legs Spin

Reverse Stag Spin; Reverse Sunwheel Spin

Shoulder Mount Inversion

Shoulder Mount Prance

Side Spiral; Corkscrew; Body Spin; Tuck Spin

Stag Spin


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