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I was able to try out the Lupit Pole at Pole Expo in 2016. I had first read about it on Aerial Amy’s blog and she raved about how it spun and how the stainless-steel worked so well with her skin grip.

I was curious about the spinning part as I use two X-Poles, one chrome finish and one brass finish at home. The studio I go to has chrome X-Poles.

What does Lupit Pole offer?

Lupit Pole sells high-quality portable poles for home use, free-standing poles with stages, studio poles, competition poles, wonderful powdery grip, high-quality and thick crash mats.

Home-Use Poles

Their poles come in stainless steel and chrome finish in diameters of 42mm and 45mm. They all come with spin and static modes that is easy and quick to change from one to the other.

They are designed to fit ceiling heights 6’8.8” – 9’2.2” and can be extended up to 10’5.9” with the extra extension piece. There is also a slanted ceiling mount option you can purchase if you have vaulted/slanted ceilings.

There is even a pole that has Swarovski crystals on the ceiling and floor bases that sparkles as you pole dance! A nice little glam-effect if you like that :)

You can purchase an ergonomically-designed carrying bag for your pole to either store and protect it when not installed or use to take your pole with you.

Stage Poles

The stage comes in stainless-steel, spin and static modes, is portable and a 45mm diameter. The nice thing about this stage is it sets up and disassembles literally in minutes and can be used indoors or outside. It comes with three bags with rolling wheels for easy transportation too.

Studio Poles

The studio poles come in one or two-piece, custom-fit and with removable or permanent options.  They come in stainless steel or brass and 42mm or 45mm diameters.

The removable studio poles are great if you are sharing a space with any other types of classes that don’t want the poles in the way. They literally take about 10 seconds to put back up with the special Lupit Cart. There is also a wall mount for poles that are not in use.

Competition Poles

The Competition Poles come in stainless steel or brass, 45mm diameter and must be installed to the floor or stage with screws. It is mounted at the top with a plate that is temporarily attached with clamps to the stage bars.

Crash Mats

I love these crash mats! If I didn’t already have one – I would definitely be trying one of these. I love first the color selection -pink, black, shiny silver and gold metallic. They’re made of high quality elastic leather and have an anti-slip bottom so the mat doesn’t move around. They come in several thicknesses: 4, 8 and 12 cm They are fast to install and designed to easily be folded and carried with handles.


Lupit Pole Grip is a small, pillow-like pad that is black on one side and pink on the other. I picked one up at Pole Expo to try out at home. The black side is used to wipe down your pole – it creates a little bit of friction and gives you better grip. The pink side is marvelous – I touch it and my hands are ready and grippy! It is designed to help with sweaty, wet hands – or wherever else you want to use it.

It can be used over and over – I have had mine for over a year now and it is still good. I don’t use it every day, I use other grip products as well, but this is handy and comes in a little plastic protective envelope.

It is definitely worth trying if you have a problem with sweat or any other pole grip products have not worked well for you. The “hydrophobic nano” substance is what keeps moisture away from your hands and the pole. The grip works with all pole coatings: steel, chrome, brass, titanium gold, powder-coated too.

What I love about the Lupit Pole

Global Market

The Lupit Pole is manufactured in Europe but is sold globally. They recently opened up their market in the United States which made lots of polers happy.

No Holes

The Lupit Pole has no holes which is important to those that have body piercings. I know of two pole dancers, one who got her belly button piercing ripped out by it getting caught in a hole on her pole and another dancer had a nipple ring half-ways pulled out by it getting stuck in one of the joint holes of an X-Pole. I only have a face piercing so I don’t worry about this too much and I’m really happy with the quality and function of my X-Poles.

Easy Installation

The Lupit Pole literally can be installed in about 2 minutes. Seriously, it just goes together so smoothly – and the look and feel is very smooth as well of the actual pole and the way it spins.


The top and bottom plates have a high-quality rubber pad that keeps the pole from any movement. The upper disc/plate has a unique “flex system” and the joints where the pieces lock together have a patented “Safety Block Nut” system that keeps the pole together and allows smooth joining of the pieces without any screwing or tools needed. Also, the high-polished stainless steel is good for sensitive skin.

What makes it so special?

These poles are totally smooth from top to bottom – I don’t think I have come across another pole designed like this unless it is a one-piece, stationary dance pole. Even the one-piece Lil’ Mynx have the black unusable extension tube that is at the top of the pole. They also have amazing spin as I tried it and many others testify to this as well as optimum grip.

Where can I get one? 

You can purchase a Lupit Pole from their website or by clicking on the banner below. If you follow them, find out where they will be hosting demonstrations and sales at any expos or conventions.

Follow Lupit Pole on Facebook, IG, Twitter and sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date with their products and events. 

Lupit Pole > Shop Dance Poles

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