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How to find the perfect lapdance outfit? Here are a myriad of ideas for your little rendezvous...whether for yourself, your partner or for your job...

A lap dance includes getting close...and personal...and sometimes removing your pretty little things! There are actually quite a few avenues you could go with what to wear.

You want something that makes you feel very sexy since that feeling will be one of the key things that enables you to move with confidence! Also, don't wear anything that is so tight you can't move or breathe in want it to be somewhat comfortable enough to move in.

If you want to incorporate a strip tease into your lapdance , then you can wear a couple of layers to take off while you are giving your dance. This will be EXTRA sexy for your partner since most lapdances at clubs involve only a dance in a bikini or thong and not removal of clothing.

Idea: Wear a white man's dress shirt like Demi Moore did in the movie Striptease and wear a sexy black bra and thong or g-string set underneath, stay up fishnet or black stockings and heels.

A fedora and man's tie can be added for some extra fun! You can use the tie to cover his mouth, blindfold him or tie his hands behind his back for no touching during your dance!


Lingerie is something that can make a woman feel like a million dollars...even when she's wearing it under a drab business's like a naughty little secret that only she knows about. Delicate lace, soft silk, beautiful wonder Victoria's Secret has become an empire!

There are many colors too...racy red, girlie pink, vixen black, purple, turquoise, take your pick. Some good choices are a teddy with some stay up stockings and heels, a corset with a g-string and choker or a pretty bra and thong set with a pair of heels will do the trick. 


There are many dancer bikinis that are made specifically for lap dancing and stripping. You can find these at Foreplay, Bad Kitty Exotic Wear or Fredrick's of Hollywood. They include strings so that they can be easily undone. 

Stripper costume

You can find hundreds of stripper costumes at places like Foreplay, Leg Avenue and Fredrick's of Hollywood. There is everything from little innocent Snow White to Hard-nosed cops to Peter Pan or Pirate Girls! You can really let your imagination go wild and be whatever you'd like to be! This is a lot of fun especially at Halloween time when there are lots to choose from.


Classics such as the naughty schoolgirl, vinyl-clad Dominatrix, Librarian peering over her glasses, schoolteacher are always fun and are a part of many men's fantasies. If you are dancing for a partner you can dress in whatever their fantasy is or you can clad yourself in something that turns YOU on!


Heels are almost essential for your outfit as they can instantly make you feel sexier, put a little arch in your back, lift your butt and make you taller - especially if you pick out some 6" stilettos! There are so designs and styles to choose from including thigh-high vinyl boots that you can wear a little thong and tank with or pink rhinestone-encrusted heels that you can wear a little ruffly pink bra and panty set with.

Or you can pair a crotchless fishnet body-stocking with a simple pair of black heels and a side-string panty tied over for easy removal!


Props are not like stage props on a movie set...just simple things like a small leather whip for your Dominatrix outfit, a fedora hat and tie like Demi Moore's in 'Striptease', a lollipop for your naught schoolgirl outfit or a silk scarf with your pretty lingerie for tying his hands or dragging over his skin...wowsers!!!


I know that the atmosphere isn't quite an actual part of your outfit but it sure can help you set your mood! Use candles or Christmas lights or allow him a flashlight in a pitch dark room to shine it wherever he wants to while you give him his dance.

For some good music ideas click here! Make sure that stereo is turned up loud and choose a song or playlist that you can really 'get into'...we all have our favorite songs or beat that we naturally want to move to. Pick something with a strong throb for your dance.

For more ideas, check out my 'how to lap dance' list!

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