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I interviewed Kristin Mason, owner and pole dancing instructor of Unveiled Fitness in Orange County, California. Here is a little bit about her and her studio:

How long have you been pole dancing? How did you get started?

I have been pole dancing for 8 years, and began at a studio in LA as a student after seeing an episode on Oprah about pole dancing.

1 year later I trained with them and started teaching, 4 years later I decided to open my own studio based on my beliefs of sensuality and athleticism.

How did you start your studio?

After teaching in Orange County for 3.5 years I decided to open a studio that incorporated both the sensuality and the athletic tricks, many studios are one or the other, and I wanted to have a program, that provided both.

With my dance back round I created a curriculum for the everyday woman, and built a low lit intimate studio for women. 

Have you ever competed? If not, do plan on it?

I have not competed yet due to the demands of being a studio owner, I just had my first child and am ready to put the commitment back into training and hope to enter into some local competitions as well as USPDF in the future.

What are your feelings about pole dancing for fitness being associated exotic dancing?

I definitely love the sensuality and think it is an important part of the sport and movement.

I would like women to see pole dancing classes as a separate entity from exotic dancing, so that they can feel like this is for every woman. That pole dancing is about self expression, rather then feeling its only for that purpose.

What do you think about pole dancing being included in the Olympics?

I think its a wonderful thing to aspire towards, but what I love is that this is a sport for adult women, and I hope it doesn't translate to an all around sport for adults and children.

What has been your biggest challenge/difficulty in your pole dance journey?

My biggest challenge would definitely be building the success of my studio, it isn't easy convincing everyone that it is a legitimate form of exercise and expression.

I believe all women can benefit from pole dancing physically and emotionally.

How did you overcome this challenge?

Through my students, I believe they have spread the word best about this movement.

What advice do you give to beginning pole dancers?

Take your time, do not rush into the next BIG trick.

Build your strength and body awareness before rushing into the crazy acrobatics. 

chopper pole dance trick

What advice do you give to advanced pole dancers?

Respect the Pole! Always respect the pole and what it is capable of doing, when you get overly confident that is when slips and falls can happen. If you respect the apparatus you wont get careless.

Do you have a pole 'hero'?

I am inspired by Alethea Austin, she is so sensual and so strong, and in my brief interaction with her, while hosting a workshop, I appreciated her sincerity. I love to watch her videos for inspiration.

Which studios have you trained at (if any)? Who were your instructor(s)?

I have done workshops for pole advanced training with Zoraya, Alethea Austin, and Jenyne Butterfly, and I began this journey with Kristina Lloyd, Amy Olsen and Sheila Kelly.

Here is a clip of Kristin's pole dance style:

Kristin's Studio Information

Kristin's website is: and the studio address is: 25292 McIntyre St., Suite, Laguna Hills CA 92653. The phone number is: (949) 887-9190 

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