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I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jennifer Wilkins, creator of the JW Method for pole dancing!

When did you start learning to Pole Dance?

I started learning Pole Dance in 2005

Do you own a studio or instruct?

I own a studio called Pole Expression and I have been instructing for almost 6 years now.

Do you have a website?

Website is in the making however I do love interacting with my pole dancing students on facebook at

Jennifer Wilkins pole dancer

What made you try Pole Dancing?

I walked into my first strip club at age 18 and was immediately captivated by the most sensual woman that lifted her body and flew around the pole effortlessly. I instantly knew I had to learn. 

How often do you train?

I keep myself conditioned with the JW Method 4-5 times per week and try to add in at least an hour a day of pole gymnastic training and stretching wherever I can.

Which move has taken you the longest to learn?

Handspring was tricky for me but once I landed it a door opened to a new set of tricks.

Jennifer Wilkins, what is your favorite pole dancing move?

I have two favourite signature moves that involve spinning on a static pole. The audience reaction to spinning yourself upside down and catching yourself in a dead stop in a shoulder mount just above the floor is so much fun.

Have you ever competed and if you have how did you find the experience?

I used to be an exotic dancer for 4 1/2 years so performing in front of people was an every day occurrence. I have competed in 3 local competitions and have placed 1st. Competing is fun but it just doesn’t beat performing for my clients or for spectators. I don’t like the competition attitude I just like to freestyle and do what I love.

Do you perform regularly?

Not as regularly as I would like but any chance I get to show off I take it.

What is your greatest achievement so far in pole dance?

I would have to say the creation of The JW Method of Pole Fitness. This program has been recognized internationally as the only one of it’s kind.

Being placed on the cover of Pole2Pole Magazine and my recent nomination for Best Training Method in Pole Dance International Magazine has most definitely been a huge honor.

Do you have a favorite grip tip or product that you use?

I have never had any problem with grip however, I do love Dew Point not only for the tacky skin grip but I am so tired of being ashy and the moisture you feel after showering in that spray is addicting.

How did you start learning to pole dance? Did you ever use any dvds?

I am 100% self-taught. I did learn new tricks from watching youtube of course about 3 years into my career.

What are your feelings about pole dancing for fitness being associated with exotic dance/stripping?

This is definitely a touchy issue for many pole dancers. In my opinion the style of dance that I see most of is the same sensual style I used on the stage as an exotic dancer.

Pole dancing for most is very sexy. Strap on a pair of 7” stilettos and who could blame men for wanting to throw dollar bills. It is an art form, and I being an educated pole dancer knows this but to the public it is no different.

I have a hard time convincing people it is not risqué when the majority of pole dance videos I see have girls barely covered doing sexy floor moves or taking their outfits off as their routine starts to “strip” down to their pole appropriate outfit.

I personally love every aspect of pole dancing but living in the community I do in the great state of Utah, I have to see it from the most conservative point of view. This is why I created the JW Method so women would walk in the door with no judgment.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of giving it a go?

Go for it! This is by far one of the most addicting empowering and strength enhancing things you could ever do. What else can you say is equivalent to this?

Do you think pole dancing should be included in the Olympic Games?

Pole Dancing I don’t see making it to the Olympic games just yet. The sensuality would have to be taken out completely and come on that really is the best part. I can however see Chinese Pole making it.

You can view Jennifer Wilkins YouTube videos of the JW Method exercises here.

Jennifer Wilkins JW Method blog includes some great information for pole dancers such as a healthy list of foods to include in your diet as well as updates on Jennifer's postpartum pole dancing fitness progress...very inspirational!

You can connect with Jennifer Wilkins on her Facebook page as well. 

Jennifer Wilkins Pole Dancer to Interviews!

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