Learning the Iron X 

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The Iron X is an advanced pole dance move that requires a great amount of arm, core, back and leg strength. This pose can be held with either an elbow grip or a twisted grip.

You should have mastered several inversions and also these core exercises. 

Here is a demonstration by Pole Dance Community of the Iron X:

There are a few basic steps to the Iron X:

  1. Get inverted on the pole. (You can also do this move from the floor with a Twisted Grip).
  2. Hold onto the pole with your legs to let your inside arm reach up.
  3. Reach up with your inside arm in an overhand grip.
  4. Reach below you with your outside arm and grip the pole with a baseball grip.
  5. If you are just starting to learnt his trick, hold onto the pole with one leg as in the Extended Butterfly
  6. Using your core muscles to stabilize you, let go a little with the inside leg that is still holding onto the pole. 
  7. As you let go, turn your torso to be horizontal. 
  8. Then turn your hips and legs to be parallel with the wall. 
  9. Spread your legs in a split display but keeping them close to the pole, not extended out and away. The farther out and away you extend them, the harder the position is to hold.

Using an Elbow Grip:

  1. All the same steps above except on step 4, instead of gripping the pole with a Baseball Grip, use an Elbow Grip to hold you at that point of contact.

Here is a video demonstration by Pole Dance Community showing how the move is performed:

More Tips for Learning the Iron X:

  • Keep a crash mat below you. Youc an also use a mattress for more coverage if you fall. 
  • Start out performing the move lower on the pole.
  • Don't give up! This takes a lot of back and abdominal strength to hold. 

Iron X to Advanced Pole Dance Tricks

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