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Learn how to strip...that won't sit well with everyone...maybe not at first.

Stripping has been viewed as a naughty, taboo thing but as pole dancing and other forms of sexy dance have come out of the woodwork and into fitness centers, stripteasing has become a popular way to workout also!

Fawnia, Shiela Kelly and Carmen Electra have popularized these types of exotic dancing and more and more women are trying it out and finding that they come away with a new sense of self...awakening that feminine power that only we females have...that power of seduction that we will all use at one time or another in our lives.

So stripping off your clothing (or learning the sexy moves that come with it) is not a bad thing...especially when it comes to getting fit or even giving that special someone a little show! You can also learn to use this in your pole dance routines. 

Check out how to do a striptease workout for some great video clips and articles!

There are quite a few good instructional dvd's. Carmen Electra's "Aerobic Striptease - In the Bedroom" is a good place to start. It teaches some simple and sexy moves so that you can start to get the hang of how stripping is performed.

There is also a fun, simple and great book: The Housewife's Guide to the Practical Striptease.

This is a good one to get ideas from such as themes to use, songs to dance to and how to look great dressed in very little.

Another good book to help you to gain some of that much-needed confidence to dance while almost naked (!) is The Stripper's Guide to Looking Great Naked which has some very good tips on sprucing up that beautiful body of yours despite any imperfections...and does it give some good ones that can be used just to feel better about yourself.

Tips on the Art of Stripping...

1. Pick a theme or character to get in to...put on a wig or a sexy costume. Think of Demi Moore's manly but oh-so-hot outfit in the movie...think of Betty Paige or Madonna...thicken the makeup, put on some false eyelashes and fishnets...whatever makes you feel sexier, do it!

2. Choose some music that speaks to you and sets the mood for your character. If you like rock and are bad-assed out in black fishnet and leather, then turn on some ACDC or Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and go with it!

3. Set the stage or lights...Christmas lights work great!

4. Practice your moves alone first in front of a mirror or in the bathroom.

5. Unbotton, unzip, peel off, remove SLOWLY unless you are doing a few 'rip-offs' as accent moves like during a fast, strong song.

6. Read The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman by Sheila Kelley of The S Factor as she describes in great detail many types of clothing removal along with good illustrations. There are lots of ideas for themes, songs and outfits in here too. 

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