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Did you ever wonder why men will dish out $20's like there is no tomorrow to have a sexy, scantily clad woman hover over them and never let them touch them ONE TIME???

It is the allure of the lapdance...and YOU have got to learn how to give one in order to have that feminine weapon that will make him melt to his KNEES!!! What power...oohhh la-la!

So, giving a lap dance doesn't take money...or smarts...or skill. You can learn to lap dance! But it takes a wallop of confidence and THAT is what I would like to give you here.

Read my step-by-step description below on 'how to lap dance sexy'! and watch some free instructional how-to videos here!

Here's What You Need to Give a Good Lap Dance!

1. A partner. Or an armchair (they work great to practice on!) The partner must be willing (and which man isn't going to be?) Keep his hands out of the way and let him know NO TOUCHING!!! You are the Queen of this game here...he will love the power you are deliciously exerting over him. If you do have a partner, you still need the armchair!

2. An outfit. This can be as simple as a tight tank and panties or as racy as a shiny black vinyl dress with fishnets. High heels are good to use for this as they will accentuate your butt and breasts because of the tilt of your pelvis while in heels. Bare feet are ok too as long as you stay on your tippy-toes.

3. Music. Music will set the mood, inspire your moves and bring everything together. Find a song that truly inspires you to move your body and makes you feel sensual...something with a slow, deep throb like Arabesque by Sweetback or even a slow blues like Come Away With Me by Norah Jones. You will have your special favorite...hey, even bust out the Marvin Gaye or your favorite lovemaking song. If you need help finding some good songs, check out the suggestions here. 

4. The room. Privacy is of paramount importance. If you have little ones, try to get a sitter for your special evening or wait until they are tucked in bed and the bedroom door locked. You don't want any interruptions and disruptions to your groove.

5. These moves...practice them alone until you feel confident and can improvise on your own. 

The Lap Dance Step-by-Step

1. Have him sit in an armchair with his hands on the outside of his legs (not resting on the arms of the chair) so that you don't crush his fingers when you climb on him.

2. Turn the music on and feel the rhythm, the beat, the wave and let it glide with you as you walk over to him sexy...

3. Make eye contact (one of the sexiest things you can do during your dance) and pretend in your mind that you are someone else. Your choice of outfit, your perfume, your hair and the very idea that you are doing this for him creates a whole new image of you in his with it!

4. Mount, not that way! Place both hands on the chair behind his shoulders and one knee in between his legs. Keep a little arch in your back and put those gorgeous breasts close to his face-not touching his face, just close enough where he can smell your perfume and gaze at the cleavage. Rock up and down and around in a small, slow figure 8...

5. Lean your elbow on the armrest and lift your leg up onto the back of the chair slowly-all of your movements should be slow and sensual, not fast and jerky. Straighten your leg and trace a slow line with your hand down to your ankle and all the way back up to your, it's getting HOT!!!

6. Bring your leg back down between his and slide your whole body down his slowly...let him feel your breasts, belly and hips against him as you slide down into a kneeling position..

7. Get up sexy and turn around, letting him have a full view of your hips and buttocks and legs, hopefully mostly exposed by whatever choice of little clothing you have on...! Slowly bend over keeping a little arch in your back and your legs straight, slide your hands down your legs as you go down as far as you can..

8. Slide one hand between your legs and just touch your crotch with one swipe of a finger...WOW!!! Enough to make a man break a sweat and go wild!!! Stand back up slowly and look over your shoulder to give him a little naughty smile...

9. Place your hands on the armrests with your back still to him and lower yourself until your butt is just hovering over his crotch...YOWEEE!! Move your butt around in a circle while still keeping it about an inch or two above his lap...then move back and forth in a rocking motion. Then...

10. Lay back on him and NOW let him use his hands on you since he isn't a paying customer....and the REST IS HISTORY!!!

Check out my page on the Top 10 Stripper Movies for some exciting inspiration for your dance routines!

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