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How to get good at pole dancing fast – I was asked a question like this recently and decided to write this article to cover the ideas, strategies, tips and exercises that you can use to increase the pace of your progress and maximize your pole dance learning time.

How to Maximize Your Pole Dance Training Time

Practicing material learned in class at home.
  • Be prepared. Have some music or a playlist ready; be hydrated, be fueled from eating before sometime that day. Have your grip and appropriate pole equipment and clothes ready to go. Just some time-saving tips. A lot of times I wanted to pole dance and had an hour before my daughter came home from school and I spent half the time finding music to inspire me, locating clean shorts, sweeping my pole floor because the dog had been in there. If you are going to studio classes, have your pole dance bag ready.
  • Show up! Show up to class or show up for your personally-set training time. There are going to be days when you are tired, had a long day at work, are mentally exhausted or just don't feel like it. Keep your promises to yourself and show up. How to get good at pole dancing fast? This is half the work done!
  • Set your goals. What are you currently working towards? Would you like to start being able to do a pretty or sexy routine? Do you have a showcase coming up that you want to participate in? Is there a trick that you are really trying to nail? Setting your goal is essential because then you can break that down into micro-goals and work on those in your pole sessions. This is an important tip in how to get good at pole dancing fast. 
  • Plan your workout or pole dance session ahead of time. Do this so you aren’t wasting time wondering what to do next while you have some pole time. If you have a set plan, you can follow it. After you set your goal/s, start breaking them down into workable, reachable parts and use these. Example: if you want to learn a pretty spinning climb and you don’t know how to use spin pole yet, start by setting your pole on spin mode and doing a little each time, learning how to not get dizzy on it, learning how to start the spin and how to slow it down, how to hold a pretty pose on spin, et cetera. Then you can start learning how to get the pole in motion when you start the climb. Then work on climbing higher and keeping it going.
  • Recover! Want to know how to get good at pole dancing fast? Recover! A note about this: Keep in mind, recovery time is essential for you to heal, your muscles to grow, your joints/tendons/ligaments adjust to the new stresses put on them. If you bypass recovery time, it WILL catch up to you in the form of an injury, chronic pain or bad form because other muscles will compensate for the area that is hurting. 

I don’t know where to start!

  • Practice time. If you are pole dancing alone at home, as many of us do – set aside time to practice every day or every other day. If you want to know how to get good at pole dancing fast, you have to have this time allocated. Even those of us that go to a studio, we need more practice time to really nail the material we learn in class at home or in free time at the studio.
  • Learning from a class. If you have a studio that you are a part of, keep notes of what you are learning there. Most of the time you will learn a new trick, spin, climb or mini routine. Keep a notebook or record the material and practice this at home. This can help you to get good at pole dancing fast.
  • Learning online. If you are learning from online lessons, follow the lesson plan if there is one. Studio Veena has several 30-day programs that you can follow. She builds in the rest/recovery time, practice time and next steps. This is great to use if you need a guide to follow.  Danna of Pole Fitness Dancing has a great online course that also builds upon each move learned. These programs will show you the next steps in how to get good at pole dancing fast. 
  • Learning on your own. If you are learning completely on your own, using free materials that you can find online, such as YouTube videos, start with the fundamentals as I cover in the next section below. 

Mastering the Basics

  • Start basic climbs, basic spins and floorwork. Once you learn these to where you can almost “do them with your eyes closed” not literally, but your body doesn’t have to think about what limb goes where on the pole. When you feel you have mastered these basics, then you can start to play with variations. This is where to start in how to get good at pole dancing fast. Here are some videos I have created with very basic moves to learn and a little routine that puts them together.
  • Get your body conditioned and strong. There are so many different ways to condition your body for pole. This is one of the best ways in how to get good at pole dancing fast - building your strength to keep being able to do more and more. I have lots of exercises outlined in my eBook Pole Power, several ways to get stronger for pole or look at some of the ideas on strength training here.


  • Learn variations of the basics. Once you have mastered basic moves, the Fireman Spin, the basic pole climb, a basic invert, you can move onto more spins, variations of climbs and learning how to maneuver yourself while inverted such as learning the Caterpillar from the Crucifix or learning a spinning forearm grip climb.
  • Learn simple combos. Start putting together a pirouette into a spin or putting together several spins. Learning combos to use in routines is one way how to get good at pole dancing fast. Learning these together will link them into your memory so later when you are creating routines, you will have some combination moves to use that your body will already know.

How to Get Good at Pole Dancing Fast

I finally got it! Violator Pose.

To sum it all up, I think the best way to get good at pole dancing fast is following these strategies.

  • Have a plan of what you want to accomplish overall. Do you just want to learn to do the amazing tricks? Do you want to just get fitter and stronger? Are you using this to lose weight? Do you want to perform or learn awesome routines? Do you want to know how to get good at pole dancing fast? I think having a clear vision will get you to that point a lot quicker.
  • Visualize. I think this is one of the most powerful tools one can use in life in general when trying to reach a goal. If you can see your destination, if you can conjure up the images of you in that invert, on that stage, or in that competition, that is where your brain will start to direct your actions to take you. It’s science! This strategy has even been used with Olympic athletes, visualizing performing their race or whatever sport and winning. Here are some meditations, affirmations and even subliminal recordings that can help you with the mental aspects of how to get good at pole dancing fast.
  • Stay consistent in your practice. There is power in consistency. This is the one thing that you MUST do if you want to know how to get good at pole dancing fast. Stay consistent. Even if every practice isn’t optimal, even if you are frustrated, tired and uninspired, if you stay consistent, you WILL get better, you WILL improve, you WILL reach your goal.
  • Set reachable goals. How can you get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going? In setting reachable goals, this helps you to make that progress that will keep inspiring you to set another goal that is all of a sudden within your reach. If you are just starting out and you want to do an Ayesha, you should learn to do the basic invert safely and strongly before you move on to inverts that have less points of contact with your body. The first reachable goal for you can be to learn the invert from the floor first. Then the next goal is to learn how to tuck and tilt yourself upside down on the pole. The next is to get your legs up into the invert and to hold yourself and slide down. See, there are steps. Sometimes someone can learn these all quickly. Sometimes you may need to slow down and learn in baby steps (Me!).
  • Break down your goals to work on each time you practice. As stated above, setting reachable goals is like breaking down the big overall goal into smaller bites. Write them down and have a new thing to work on each time you practice. It not only gives you a huge sense of accomplishment to have made some progress, but it gives you inspiration to look forward to your next pole dance practice.
  • Keep a record – video, photos or a pole dance diary or journal. This allows you to see where you have started, your progress, areas that you are having trouble in, and what you need to work more on. Learning pole dance is not a linear process. Say you have a lot of flexibility, you may be able to do some poses, spins or tricks that someone that is stronger cannot because of their lack of flexibility. Maybe you lack body awareness and inversions, or handstands still scare you. But you might be able to do some bad-ass climbs. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you will know what you need to work on.
  • Don’t sweat a time frame. Sometimes setting a time frame for a goal can be good but it may also be a source of frustration. Once I had a showcase coming up and I was really trying to nail a routine with a couple of new spins I hadn’t really mastered yet. I pushed and pushed myself in my practice sessions and because of the time pressure, I just kept getting more and more frustrated with my lack of mastering these moves. I had to scale back and use stuff that I already knew really well that maybe weren’t so dazzling. Give yourself time to learn. Give yourself time to consistently practice something until you know it as well “as the back of your hand” so to speak. General time frames are good for goal setting but be flexible!
  • It’s ok to work on something advanced that you find you can do and are good at. As I stated above, learning how to pole dance is not a linear process. Maybe for some – but for most of us, we learn some things that maybe we should have learned after some other things. For example -  learned a Butterfly and Inside Leg Hang before I learned a Caterpillar, before I learned to use spin pole, before I learned how to do anything more than basic climbs and kicking into inverts. I later learned controlled inverts, going into them by using my core and learning how to push myself up while inverted. I learned to get good at Butterfly before I even learned how to control my invert. So, a little backwards, but it gave me some confidence to go back and master other things.
  • Don’t give up! Along with staying consistent in your practice, do not give up! I know about walking away from pole dance for a while. I have done this out of fear before when I fell out of an invert I was trying while super sweaty and in new heels. I have walked away for a while before because of lack of pole dance space. I have walked away before because of a shoulder injury. But I always come back. Even if I feel like I must start at ground zero because I am out-of-shape and have lost strength, it comes back. The body remembers.
  • Remember – you CAN reach your goals, even if they must be modified for the time being! I’ve had to do that too – I thought I could do one thing in a certain amount of time, and I was frustrating myself. Want to know the quickest way how to get good at pole dancing fast? Don’t give up!

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