How to Dance in Stripper Shoes

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One of the fun things you get to learn in pole dance is how to dance in stripper shoes!

Although I feel that a beginner should learn all of the fundamentals and basics of pole dance barefoot first, stripper heels are so freaking' fun!

The shoes add height to you (visual slim-down anyone?), a boost in the curves of your butt and legs, lifting of the breasts, a nice little arch in the back and the visual and sex appeal. You cannot forget that you are a female goddess wearing these...and as an added benefit, they can even help you stick to the pole better!

These types of heels are typically made of vinyl, like this classic black one pictured here that you can purchase from The Pole Dance Shop, but can also be made of fabric, leather and have rhinestones, beads or studs. 

Shoes designs also come in boot styles (talk about feeling like SUPERWOMAN!), half-boots, and school-girl Mary Janes.

So cute and sexy...but how to walk in these heels that are normally 6" or higher? We'll get that here below.

How to Choose a Pair of Stripper Shoes

  • Vinyl is the best material if you want a little help sticking better to the pole. Fabric against the pole just makes your climb all the harder.
  • Plain vinyl - forget the rhinstones and studs and laces until you are VERY comfortable and strong on the pole without needing your feet/shoes to help you to stay on the pole. The little sparkly guys and laces will only scratch the pole or make you more slippery. 
  • Start out with 6" platforms. If that's too high, go with 5-5 1/2". You can always go for those sexy 8" heels later when you get really used to these. 
  • I recommend black or clear color so they can go with all of your outfits. If you wear a lot of black shorts and tanks like I do, get some colorful ones like a spicy red or hot pink :)
  • Choose a heel with an ankle strap. This helps to eliminate a wobbly ankle in my opinion and also eliminated a shoe being thrown across the studio and whacking someone in the head from your sexy fast spin!

Tips on How to Get Used to Stripper Heels

  • Try your heels on sitting down and then standing up. Have something nearby to lean on or grasp if you feel wobbly.
  • Stand up in them with feet hip width apart. Just stand and feel the shoe being on your feet. Feel taller? Scary and high up?
  • Now soften your knees and start to shift your weight a little from side to side. How does that feel? Feel that balance? The balance in shoes this high is to the side or sideways.
  • Now, very carefully, try shifting your weight forward and back. How does that feel? Oops! Not as balanced. I feel like I'm going to tip over when I try that. A very precarious feeling. 
  • Start learning how to do the Sexy Walk or Pole Walk, I'm sure everyone calls it something different, but basically a slow, cross-over walk where your weight is shifted side-to-side as you are doing this walk. Drag the toe of your back leg forward, slowly. The key to controlling this walk is to have your weight on one leg at all times. 
  • This type of footwear is not about getting somewhere quickly, wearing them and walking in them is about looking good and feeling sexy. 

How to Dance in Stripper Shoes

Now that you have your first sexy pair of shiny stilettos and you have got a little used to having them on, walking around in them and feel more stable having them on, now you can learn how to dance in stripper shoes.

  • Start out doing your sexy walk around the pole. Do this going both directions. 
  • Next try a simple spin, like the Fireman Spin. This lets you feel what its like to connect with the pole with the shoes on and how it feels to land in them.
  • Try climbing. You can use the vinyl front part of the shoe to help with your foot grip as you climb. Do a pole sit in them as well, keeping your toes pointed. This makes for an incredibly leg-lengthening look. 
  • Any trick, spin, climb, invert, floor move - basically anything you have learned barefoot in pole dance can be done with the heels on. 

Now that you know how to dance in stripper shoes, for more on other types of pole dancing shoes, click here. And remember, learn pole first BAREFOOT

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