How to Choose a Dance Pole

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This article will give you lots of information on how to choose a dance pole and how to look is the best fit for you, your available space and your budget.

Where Do I Start?

You need a pole to learn on your own so here are the following considerations to look at when getting ready to make a purchase.

My chrome-finish X-Pole.

Limitations of Space

This is the first step in how to choose a dance pole, knowing what you have to work with as far as where you will be putting your pole. Do you rent or own your living space? If you rent, can you drill into the ceiling or are there any limitations per your rental/lease agreement? If you own, do you want to install something more permanent? How high are your ceilings? Do you have carpet or smooth flooring? Are your ceilings flat or vaulted/slanted?

All of the answers to these questions are important when shopping for your pole.

Removable, Permanent or Freestanding

If you rent, you may want to consider a completely removable/portable pole that requires no drilling of attachments. If you own your own home and have a permanent pole space, then a permanently installed pole may be for you. A free-standing pole is also a great option if you have super high ceilings, rent or just don’t want to have anything touching your ceilings.

Spin, Static or Both

Most popular dance poles now come with both spin and static options. If you don’t want your pole to spin, you can choose only static or just leave it in static mode. Some poles only come in stationary/static styles.

Type of Metal/Finish

There are several different finishes and metals to choose from when you are looking at how to choose a dance pole. There are chrome finish, brass, titanium gold finish, stainless steel, powder and silicon coated poles. Stainless steel and chrome finish probably being the most popular choices. Chrome finish poles are used in most competitions.

I started with stainless steel poles from Lil Mynx and was really happy with them. My skin did well with the steel and I felt I had good grip on that metal. I now own chrome finish and brass poles from X-Pole. The brass is super grippy, I have a hard time trying to do a spin on it if it is in static mode. I use it when I am trying to learn new trips where I feel like I need maximum grip. I use the chrome finish more often though.

As far as grip goes, I would rank from least grippy to the most:

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Chrome finish
  3. Titanium Gold
  4. Brass
  5. Powder coated
  6. Silicon

You may disagree with my ranking – some skin types don’t work so well with some of the finishes and there may be other factors that affect the amount of grip for you. There are pros and cons to each type finish and I think it is personal preference.


Most poles now come in 45mm (competition standard) or 50mm. I started out with 50mm stainless steel from Lil Mynx. I felt it had a lot better grip for my hands and legs. I have since moved to 45mm poles since my pole studio has them and I wanted to get used to using a smaller diameter pole. I find I can do more on them and my hands do have better grip.

Some poles only come in 50mm. Lupit Pole now makes one in 42mm diameter. It really is a personal preference. If you have smaller hands, I definitely recommend going with a 45mm pole.


How much do you have to spend on a pole? This is a big factor when you are looking at how to choose a dance pole. You can look on Pole Dance Classifieds and see if any used poles are being sold. You can also purchase a new, affordable pole for home use. Stripper poles range anywhere from $100-$1000, it just depends on who you buy it from, where you live/having it shipped to and what features you want. Here is my articel on the cheapest/lowest cost dance poles I could find currently available. 

Check out my comparison chart with pole brands and costs as well as characteristics you may be looking for. 

How to Choose a Dance Pole > Best Starter Stripper Pole

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