How to be a Spotter in Pole Dance

Here are some tips on how to be a spotter in a pole dance class. But first I want to share Leen Isabel of comic strip of a situation that happens in spotting:

I've seen it happen! And if you've been poling for any length of time, so have you :)

How to be a Spotter for a Pole Dance Student

  • Don’t wear heels when spotting; even though your objective is not to catch the person you are spotting if they fall, you may take on some of their weight as you re-direct the movement of their fall. Having on a pair of heels will take some of your balance.
  • Don’t just be a spectator! Be ready to help the person you are spotting with these other tips below.
  • Give the person you are spotting your total attention; don’t keep one eye on her and the other eye on a trick going on at the other end of the room. If you do that, you will look like wall-eyed Willie and your person might end up falling without help!
  • Stand with feel a little more than hip width apart; be aware of your core and be ready to engage it;
  • Keep your fingers together and not spread apart in case you take on some of their weight with your hands.
  • Your hands should be near the person’s hips so that in case she starts to go backwards from an invert, you can get your arms under her and help her down without falling and hurting herself.
  • Don’t aim to grab her arms or legs; aim at helping hold her core as she comes down (if she starts to fall)
  • Stand close to them after they are in position; you can even tell them where your hands are near so that they will know where you might catch them. For example, “Jen, my hands are right here under your arms” or tap her arms gently with your fingers for some biofeedback for her.
  • Make sure there is a crash mat under them! This is one of the safest things you can do for the person that is learning a new trick that she is unsure of holding.
  • The head and neck are what you want to prevent from hitting the ground and causing a damaging injury or even fatality. Make sure you let the person know to tuck her chin if she starts to fall. Our first inclination is to look at where we are falling! Not good.
  • As a spotter, you can also help guide your person into position and show her where to squeeze, hold or grip to stay in position. You can keep your hands on her until she feels secure in her grip/hold and tells you when to let go.

We all need help somewhere at some point in our pole journey so you can learn from these tips how to be a spotter for a pole dance student next to you in class or for your own students if you are an instructor. Happy poling!

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