How Much Does It Cost to Take
Pole Dancing Classes?

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How much does it cost to take pole dancing classes? I was asked this and thought about it - the cost of attending a pole dance studio can get costly! I've spent lots of dollars on pole - so well spent though :) It almost seems to become a necessary thing in your life – as pole dance seems to become for many of us – so you kind of start to work your budget around it!

How Much Does It Cost to Take Pole Dancing Classes?

Learning the basics of Twisted Grip at Pole Expo.

Studios usually have several ways of purchasing classes:

  • New student or trial rate. This is usually a discounted priced class for someone who has not been to the studio before or is completely new to pole dance. Sometimes these can be free. Check with your local studio.  
  • Drop-in rate. This is usually the highest cost you will pay for a class.
  • One class at a time rate. This might be the same as a Drop-in class cost.
  • Punch card or a package of several classes – these usually are a discounted from the single-class rate and have an expiration date of using them. They usually come in 5-20 class packages.
  • Monthly rate – this is like a membership to a gym, you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited classes. There may be some exceptions to this such as not including workshops or special classes with the monthly fee.
  • Private class rate – These classes usually cost a bit more than the single-class purchase because you are getting one-on-one time with an instructor. I’ve seen them range anywhere from $60-$100 USD per hour.
  • Workshop costs – These are usually special classes with a guest instructor or specialized material to learn such as lap dance or inversion workshop and they usually last from 1 1/2-6 hours. These are usually charged at a one-time rate. I’ve paid anywhere from $60-$150 per workshop.

For me the costs of taking pole dancing classes has been anywhere from $15-$19 for intro-to-pole or new-to-the-studio classes, $20-$30 for drop-in or single class rates and about $18-20 per class if I purchase a package. I have even purchased 6-month passes before and the classes came out to less than $13 per class. The more you purchase, the more you save. These are all in USD and in the past few years in California.

Check with your local studio or the pole dance studio you plan on visiting to find out how much does it cost to take pole dancing classes there. Prices are usually listed on their websites as well. Check our global pole dance studio directory for locating the studio nearest to you.

Cost of your pole dance gear

In addition to the cost of the classes, there is the added cost of pole dancing shorts of all cuts, cute bra tops, leg warmers, leggings, pole grip and heels…yes, lots of heels! I have a stripper heel and boot addiction but I have kept it in check as much as possible. I have a set of basic colors, black, red, clear and chrome bottomed heels of various heights ranging from 6” to 8”.

The cost of all of these things can add up. Of course, you can have a basic set of pole dance shorts, top and heels (if you choose to learn how to dance in them) and get an all-purpose grip aid and save yourself some money. But, as you get more into pole dancing, it is hard to resist new outfits, shoes and gear.

Cost of travel

I used to drive an hour to and from the pole dance studio that was closest to me. I didn’t mind the drive – it was anticipation-filled all the way there and sweaty, exhilarated and cooling-off time on the drive back. But fuel costs! So, how much does it cost to take pole dancing classes? All of these items listed are part of the cost. So, take this into consideration if you must commute to your classes.

Workshops or Private Lessons

I mentioned these types of classes and rates above but they are usually a little out of the normal costs of attending a studio. Two of the studios nearest to me host several tantalizing workshops a year - and they are really hard to resist...who can resist learning heel clacks, floorwork, walking on the ceiling or new and crazy variations of old tricks from some of the biggest names in the pole dance community?

Special Events

Conventions, competitions, showcases and expos like Pole Expo or PoleCon can also be tempting to attend and cost you some money! I like going to Pole Expo every year and save a little each month for this budget as I have to pay for my room (sharing!), airfare, food and workshops that I want to take there.


All of these items can add up but they are an investment in your pole dance journey and progress. I am so thankful that I have been able to afford to take classes at various studios and many workshops. I have learned so much and there is still so much material I have video recorded and notebooks full of notes of things to still work on and master.

So how much does it cost to take pole dancing classes? It really depends on where you are taking classes, how many classes you are taking, what you need to still buy to be prepared for pole dance along with travel costs. 

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