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Gogo dancing conjures up images of chunky platform boots and white minishirts and pale lipstick of the '70's...not appealing!

But this style does have some really great moves that can be used in your pole routine such as the ones found in the DVD workout series "Dance a Gogo: Sexy Nightclub Workout Series".

Check out a sample of Andrea Lin's sexy dvd:

This is basically known as 'club' or 'table dancing' in many places and women (And men!) are hired to entertain the patrons of a particular establishment. The difference between this and other styles of dance such as 'stripping' or 'exotic' is that the clothing stays on here...!

This style of sexy dancing, along with several others , can be used as workouts that will tone and tighten your body for that dancer's lean look...great for your flexibility and cardiovascular fitness which are important in your pole routines.

These workout dvd's mentioned above also help you learn better posture, how to dance in heels and with grace and poise...all things that you need when moving around the pole!

You can get so focused on learning how to perform difficult tricks that you can look ungraceful or not know what to do in between tricks when you need to catch your breath...learning moves from other choreography styles will help you in your transitions and routines.

Read my interview with the creator of Dance-a-GoGo, Andrea Lin who is also currently working on the creation of a new burlesque dance series of DVDs. 

How can I incorporate Gogo dance into my pole routine?

Some of the things you can learn from this style of dance are:

  • How to move your hips when walking or in transitions
  • What to do with your arms when they are not engaged with the pole
  • How to add 'accent' (quick, little powerful dance statement moves) into your routine
  • New whole body dance moves that you can use as transitions when on the floor ready to get into the next trick
  • Use the dance moves to tell your story in your routine
  • New ways to move your head instead of just head flicks or head tosses
  • There are nightclub dance styles moves, Latin music inspired moves as well as music-video style moves - all sexy and smoking HOT!

All the movements in her DVDs are broken down and when you perform them, they don't have to be perfect - great for basic use of freestyle dancing. 

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