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Floorwork looks great when done smoothly and in between pole dance moves...although it looks sexy and sensual, it can be a graceful transition between tricks and spins like in the videos I've included on this page.

Tips for floorwork:

1. Don't rest all your weight on your knees. This can HURT! and not to mention darken or callous your knees. Try pressing the tops of your feet and your shins into the floor as opposed to resting everything on your kneecaps.

Here is a short video by Aerial Amy that demonstrates how to protect your knees:

2. Keep your movements fluid...visualize your body as liquid or a silk ribbon or even a beautiful snake moving slowly, with control, throwing in an accent here and there (like quick head flick or hair toss) and let the movement go through your ENTIRE body, all the way out to your toes and fingertips. Visualizing helps you to let that undulating, wavelike motion ripple through your bones and muscles.

3. Incorporate the pole with your moves. You can push or slide your toes up and against the pole to get your leg high or do a low spin and go back down to the ground into more moves like a shoulder roll or hip circles while on your knees and lower legs.

The moves consist mostly of slides, splits and other moves that require flexibility, control of movement and core strength.

How do I move on the floor and make it look pretty?

There's three parts to this part of your routine: getting down, moving on the floor and getting up. And it's not just squatting down, sliding around and standing back up!

You want your movements to be controlled and practiced but to have that heartfelt emotion that can flow through a dancer's routine as well as all of the movements to flow together.

1. Getting down. This is your transition down to where you will do your floor moves. Remember, work this into your routine where it will flow with your music. This can be a slide down the pole into a squat, a sexy squat or performing a spin where you land on your knees or in a side-sitting position.

2. Sexy moves... This is a great way to add sensuality to your routine as well as give you breather in between all of those pole tricks!

There's quite a few names for the moves here...like the 'Sexy Pushup', the V-Toe slide, the 'Pump' and 'Barrel Rolls'. These are just a few and are illustrated in several dvd's and video clips which I will try and include here.

This is where you can include some slow, sensual and sexy moves that can look stunning and add some 'wow' to your dance.

3. Getting back up. This does not include just pushing up unattractively off of the floor and standing up. One of the easiest ways to get up is to end up with the pole at your back and in a squatting position. Bring your knees together and slowly slide back up the pole with your eyes on your audience.

You can also perform this same 'sexy get-up' without the support of the pole. Just place your hands on your knees to balance your weight and bring your butt up first and twist slightly sideways.

Learn floorwork from a DVD!

For complete beginners,check out Exotic Expressions Floorwork Foundation Moves series. These DVDs have an excellent instruction style, very detailed and easy-to-learn and build from. 

Fawnia has put out a DVD The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series - Dances Moves and Floor Work (exotic dancing) that demonstrates ways to use flexibility as moves in your routine.

Flexibility training comes into play when doing moves on the floor...and doing the splits is possible for anyone willing to practice and follow this program for six short weeks! It is an impressive move that will be a 'wow' factor in your pole dancing routine.

You can learn basic pole dance spins here and start learning more advanced pole tricks here. You can learn on your own with online lessons with Veena, pole dancing dvd's or take a lesson in a studio near you. 

There are several ways to take pole dancing lessons and learn whole routines and get on site/live help with your learning and progress.

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