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I recently bought a copy of Exotic Expression Floor Flow Foundation Moves DVD Volume 1. This DVD is definitely classified as a “beginner” course as I believe Jenny does too as it is called ‘foundation moves’.

This is also a super useful DVD to use and learn from if you feel clumsy or “bad” at floorwork, or maybe are just a “trick” person and just aren’t sure what to do once you are off the pole and on the floor – this is a great way to start learning the basics and making them your own.

Jenny is the owner of Exotic Expression Dance Fitness and it is all about using exotic dance for fun, fitness, self-exploration and self-expression. “Explore, Embrace, Express your Sexiness” is their motto!

This hour long instructional DVD includes 11 foundational moves you will learn such as:

  • Goddess Rising and Descending
  • The Cat Pounce
  • Side Lying Leg Admiration
  • Fiddler Legs
  • The Eye Opener
  • Kneeling Side Kicks
  • Hip Bridge Circles
  • Kneeling Hip Circles

And there’s even a fun move where she teaches you how to “heel bang” – which I will definitely be trying out!

What I loved about the Exotic Expression Floor Flow Foundation Moves DVD

I like how Jenny demonstrates each move from all angles so that you can get a good, clear picture of how the movement is performed. I have a collection of wonderful DVDs but sometimes there are questions I still have, things I just don’t “get” about how to do the move or trick. No worries about that with this DVD!

She gives lots of tips for floorwork in general and shows several combinations of the moves she teaches, blending them together where it flows into a great floorwork routine to do by itself or use with a pole dance routine.

I love how she gives detailed instruction for each move so that you know what you are doing and how it should feel – an indicator of whether you are performing the move as intended.

There are variations for each move as well as modifications until you have more abdominal, back or upper body strength.

Jenny is truly a great instructor in my opinion – especially for a recording. Some DVDs are just basically demonstrations of moves and tricks but this is real instruction – just as if you were in a class. It is clear, detailed and full instruction of movement – as best as it can be given in a video.

The only thing that I would have liked better about it would be some music during the demos and combination routines just for some viewing interest. Other than that, I give this DVD a thumbs up! It is completely worth the $10! 

The next DVD in the series (which I am looking forward to!) will teach:

  • More foundational moves
  • Transitions
  • Combinations
  • How to build a routine
  • and Freestyling floorwork

How to Get a Copy

You can order the DVD for $10 by making your payment through PayPal @ account: [email protected]

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