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I had the privelege of meeting and interviewing Ashleigh Dawson, founder and owner of Erectapole, home of Australia's affordable removable dance pole!

How did you get involved in manufacturing and selling poles?

I have a background in Metal Fabrication. I came to a point in life at 24 that I was ready to retire from that, so I was looking for opportunities to be self employed.

I had a friend who was a dancer and needed help with a pole she had. I said, How about I design one that's fully removable and you can have the first one of the line, she was pretty happy and that's how it all started.

What type(s) of poles do you offer and what do they cost? Are they removable? Portable? Easy/difficult to install?

I now only make fully removable, one piece static poles out of stainless steel. Very easy to set up and remove in 5 - 10 minutes with out damaging ceilings.

Australia's removable dance pole

Do you ship only in Australia?

Yes, due to size restrictions on International freight, yes only Australia.

Do you pole dance or have you ever tried?

Only with friends and mucking around. so I wouldn't call it pole dancing, ha-ha!

Who are your competitors in you country?

I believe I don't have any competitors for a few reasons.

Customer service and giving people a good experience is my number 1 product and focus, in that regard, everyone is unique I have good contacts to get materials at a good price to be able to keep the pole affordable for the customer.

I like to collaborate with competitors as much as possible so there is a win-win situation for everyone.

From a man's perspective, what is your view of women who like to pole dance to stay fit?

I think its fantastic, its alot of fun, very social, great talking point and very effective for toning and having a great time which is the number one thing, exercise has to be fun otherwise people won't do it.

What do you think of pole dancing being a competitive sport in the Olympics?

Great question! I think its a great idea. There could be syncronised pole sports and individual routines.

However the world is saturated with cynical people and will only criticize it and unfortunately in this day and age, got to keep the sponsors happy..

Anything else you would like to share with my readers?

The only thing I would like to share is that health is the centre of life, if you haven't got it, you haven't got life, so take good care of it with small amounts of consistent exercise, snack on healthier alternatives, be educated on food, learn how to get your mind in a positive state progressively and only ever be around people who are supportive to you and your goals.

You can view and purchase Ashleigh's poles here at his website:


Erectapole > Dance Poles > Best Starter Stripper Pole

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