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Use this Become a Better Dancer subliminal messaging audio to improve your pole dancing! If you are unfamiliar with subliminal messages, check this out.

You've probably heard about the old experiments in the 1950's about the Coke ads that were momentarily flashed on movie screens and Coke sales went up in the area...or about advertising companies using and manipulating these types of message systems to get us buy or do things.

Well, according to scientific studies - there have been many of them - there is still some controversy about the effectiveness of these methods but there is definitely some things that scientists agree on. 

So, what exactly is a Dancer Subliminal?

The way an audio subliminal message works, specifically, is that it is an audio message that is played at a frequency that is at the lower end of your hearing range and is internalized subconsciously.

We all know the power of our subconscious mind. Music can influence this, our emotions can influence this as well as things that we see around us such as color, shapes and objects. A brightly colored room will elicit more feelings of happiness and creativity than a room with black walls and stainless steel tables and chairs. 

The Become a Better Dancer Subliminal message album includes positive, affirmative statements that you are subconsciously believing, internalizing and your body and mind are creating responses to such as:

  • My rhythm is excellent
  • Dancing comes naturally to me
  • I practice my dancing regularly
  • I am a great dancer
  • I am totally dedicated to my dancing

Listening to these messages over, your subconscious mind believes them to be true, and you cannot tune them out because they are playing at such a low frequency that you are forced to hear them and your conscious mind cannot create come-backs or 'no-that's-not-true-about-me' statements. 

What in the world does this have to do with my pole dancing?

A lot, in my personal opinion. When you are striving towards a goal, it has been proven that these subconscious messages, whether audio or visual, have an emotional effect on your brain as well as stimulates your focus on your dancing - or whatever it is that you are trying to do/become/reach.

Become a Better Dancer subliminal, or any message or affirmations, work only if you take your training and pole dancing seriously, and are consciously working towards being better.

Listening to these ensures that you:

  • Stay focused on your pole dancing
  • Creates a new awareness of your skills and techniques
  • Drives you to reach a higher level in your dancing by creating new emotional responses to the messages 
  • Keeps you constantly reaching towards pole dancing
  • Keeps you motivated!!!

My experience

I personally listen with headphones to subliminal messages and I feel that they have made a difference for myself. I find myself more focused on my pole dancing, feeling more about it, thinking about it more and more as well as feeling more confidence in my poling. 

I think that experimenting on yourself with these types of messages is worth a try as it stimulates your mind to keep that focus and definitely raises your dance to an emotional level. If you listen to this as you are falling to sleep at night, it may even evoke dreams with dance involved, I've had this happen as well.

The mp3 download costs about $12 and there are 4 10-minute tracks set to peaceful nature sounds like the ocean and rain. The fourth track is silent but the affirmations are still being played.

When you purchase one, Real Subliminal also gives you a free mp3 download of 'Calm Mind' that has peaceful affirmations you can use when feeling stressed...believe me, it works. Instead of thinking about bills, a tight budget or work problems, or any other negative messages that keep our minds occupied, you start feeding it messages like "I am calm and at peace right now" that it cannot reject. I love it!

I enjoy it, I like it, I recommend it along with reading daily positive affirmations for pole dancing that you can download here for free.

Also, try a dancing mediation or a guided meditation that you can get free also here

Feeding and training our minds as well as helping our emotions to all direct at our dancing ensures for a much more powerful, focused experience. It's all about the mind-body connection. 

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