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Christen Tranchito of Movement Matters Health & Fitness tells us how she started her pole dance studio in Northfield, Ohio!

How long have you been pole dancing? How did you start?

I just started pole dancing a couple months ago so I just teach beginner basics. I have another instructor, Pamela Prihoda, who has been doing this for over 3 years, teaching the rest of the classes.

Do you have a website?

Our website is

How did you get started as an instructor?

I got started as a Zumba instructor in 2007 and had so much fun with that that I ended up getting my group fitness certification through ACE and my personal training certification through SCW.

What advice do you give beginning pole dancers? Advanced students?

For beginning pole dancers I would tell them to relax and have fun, concentrate on getting comfortable with the pole and moving in the space around it.

For advanced students I would tell them to learn where they are comfortable, know which grips they are strong at and which they need to work on and not to forget the basics.

What are your feelings about pole dancing for fitness being associated with exotic dancing/stripping?

I don't mind that pole dancing is associated with sensuality but I feel that by associating it with stripping or exotic dance takes away from the strength and skill involved.

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Have you ever competed?

I have not competed.

What has been your biggest challenge in your pole journey? How did you overcome the difficulty/challenge?

My biggest challenge so far has been the people associating the pole fitness with stripping and being afraid to try the classes.

At this point I am working on getting word out around the community and leading by example that the art of pole dancing is a skill and requires strength, knowledge and grace and can be beautiful.

Do you have a pole "hero"?

I don't have a specific 'hero' but I appreciate the work of everyone who helped pave the way so that I can have pole classes in my community without everyone having negative associations with the sport.

What studio(s) have you trained at/instructor you have learned from? Have you ever used any dvd's to learn from?

I have the Art Of Pole 5 disk set from Jamilla and learned from those, I have also learned a great deal from Pamela.

What has been the most challenging move/trick to learn?

Right now I am just working on the inverted inside / outside leg hooks.. still struggling!

What is your favorite pole workout wear?

I like just a cute sports bra and boyshorts.

Do you have a favorite grip product or trick you use to help you when on the pole?

I love Liquid Grip.. it works really well for me.

Contact Christen and Movement Matters

You can get in contact with Christin at the following address:

Movement Matters Health & Fitness

9425 Olde 8

Northfield OH 44067

Her website is: 

Email address for Christin is: [email protected]

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