The cheapest dance pole?

By cheapest dance pole here I am not referring to quality; just the actual cost to purchase the pole. I remember the excitement of first trying out pole dance at Stripper 101 in Las Vegas. I had purchased Sheila Kelley’s book on stripping as exercise and was curious. When I tried it, I was hooked! I wanted more pole! So I found a studio nearby (an hour away!) and took a class once a week for six weeks. By the end of that, I was ready for my own pole. But which to pick?

I did some online research and decided on a Lil’ Mynx. Part of it was that was those were the type of poles that were used at the studio where I had learned to pole sit, climb and spin. I purchased the stainless steel static model that came in one-piece and my husband helped me to install it in our spare room. It was perfect! I learned my first basic invert at home by myself from very low on the pole with the help of the Pole Dancing for You DVD instructor.

I understand budgets and not always having that extra money to spend on “non-necessities” such as a stripper pole or dance pole for home use. But to me, the pole WAS a necessity The studio was an hour away and I wanted to practice what I had learned at home.

I was finally able to purchase my “dream dance poles” and I bought both chrome and brass models of the X-Pole spin/static X-Pert model for ceilings up to 12’. I also purchased two permanent mounts that I am going to be trying out in my new private home studio. I’ll let you know how they work out!

Below are the lowest cost or cheapest dance pole variety that I could find to purchase online. If you just need a pole at home to practice or do some pole dance training and pole conditioning on, one of these could be perfect until you can save up enough to buy your perfect dream pole!

Cheapest Dance Pole Selection

X-Pole Sport Pole 40-45-50 mm static only chrome dance pole for $129.00 USD. It fits ceiling heights from 7’ 4” to 9” and if your ceiling is higher, you can purchase extension pieces.

It is a non-spinning pole and bottom-loading so you don’t need a ladder to adjust it. This is a great option if you need a removable pole that doesn’t require you to install or screw anything into your ceilings or floor. This is a multi-piece pole.

This is the cheapest dance pole from X-Pole. 

Lil Mynx Original Lil’ Mynx Dance Pole 45-50 mm one-piece, static, powder-coated black or pink for $169.00 USD. IT comes as either 8’ 9” or 9’ 10” and can be cut down smaller with no extra charge if you have lower ceilings.

It is ready to be used on a carpeted floor and if you have a tile/wood/vinyl floor you need to purchase the non-skid pad. This pole is a great option if you need a removable pole and you don’t mind installing the ceiling mount into the ceiling (it only leaves a tiny hole that can be easily covered up).

Platinum Stages Stationary Permanent Stainless Steel pole for ceilings under 12’. The pole costs $150.00 USD. This is not a spin pole and does require permanent mounting to both the floor and the ceiling.

The pole will be custom cut to your ceiling height. If you don’t mind the permanent part, if you own your home and can screw into the floor and ceiling, this is a professional grade, high-quality pole for a great price. This pole is one-piece.

This is the cheapest dance pole from Platinum Stages. 

Pole Fitness Dancing Chrome Pro Quality Pole is removable, has a spin option and sells for $159.00 USD. IT comes in 45 mm diameter and fits ceiling heights from 7’4” to 9’.

If your ceiling is higher, this pole has an extension piece you can purchase but the maximum ceiling height is 10’. This is a multi-piece pole.

This is the cheapest dance pole that Pole Fitness Dancing sells. 

Lupit Pole Classic Stainless Steel 42mm Spin-Static Removable Dancing Pole for $309.00 USD. This pole fits ceiling heights from 6’11” to 9’2”. If you have a higher ceiling, you can purchase the extension piece and it will go up to 10’5”. This pole can be easily installed by a single person and requires no drilling. It is a high-quality, multi-piece pole.

This is a god option if you want a high-quality, easy to move around pole for home use. The one thing about Lupit Pole that stands out to me is the construction quality and the spin function. It spins and spins and spins without any catching or slowing if you need it to keep moving while doing spin tricks.

AW Removable Dancing Pole Kit sells for $86.95 on Amazon although I have seen it sell as low as $65.00. This is a 45mm, chrome finish, all-metal construction pole that has both static and spin functions and fits ceilings 7’ – 9’. The pole is multi-piece and doesn’t require any drilling.

I read through all of the customer reviews on the Amazon site and online from other users and the verdict on this inexpensive pole is that it is a great option for beginners or those who need a pole at home and are saving for a more expensive brand in the future. This pole is good for spinning and inversions as well as pole tricks.

Just a note on no-brand dance poles: there are so many dance poles to choose from, it can get confusing as to what is quality and what is not. If you decide to purchase a no-brand name pole online from Amazon or EBay or even from a local seller, be sure to read more on what to look for here.

Novelty poles such as the MiPole, Carmen Electra, Spencer’s brands and Peekaboo poles have plastic parts and low-quality metal (thin) and should only be used for fun such as sliding against or walking sexy around, not spins that require a lot of momentum or weight-bearing tricks. You may be able to get away with using it for a bit doing spins/tricks, but over time, I would not trust plastic and thin metal to hold up over high-quality, professional grade dance poles. It is worth it to save some money and buy a dancing pole that will last you a lifetime.

Dance Pole Comparison Sheet

Here is a free downloadable comparison sheet that lists the major dance pole manufacturers and the types of poles they make, characteristics such as metal types, spin/static, diameter and price range. 

Cheapest Dance Pole > Shop Dance Poles

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