Butterfly Extended Pole Dance Trick

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The Butterfly Extended is a beautiful pose and advanced pole dance move that requires that you first have a strong basic invert and can do the Basic Butterfly. As with learning all inversions and advanced pole moves, you should know all of the pole dance safety guidelines and use a spotter and/or a crash mat. 

This move can be learned from the floor first so that you can feel the way your body weight feels being held by your ankle/heel or arch of your foot. I have seen this trick performed both ways. Do not use heels at first in this move until you know how to hold your weight with one leg.

Also, the split grip used in this move is the same as used in the butterfly. The closer your hands are together on the pole, the father out you extend the core of your body and the farther out your legs can extend away from the pole.

Here is a simple video clip of the move being performed:

This video breaks down the moves:

There are a few basic steps to getting into this position:

1. Get inverted. You need to be comfortable pushing away from the pole such as when you are starting the caterpillar. 

2. Once you are inverted, drop your dominant/stronger hand down the pole below your head keeping the elbow bent.

3. Slowly let your leg on the side of your dominant hand go and push out and extend it away from the pole. 

4. Keep your other leg hooked on the pole with the back of your lower calf/ankle area. 

Tip: Keep your face close to the pole like you are 'kissing' the pole. This helped me to stay in the right position.

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