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Burlesque...Think Vaudeville...Molin Rogue..The Can-Can...brightly colored boas and feathers that sway and swish with the dancer's movements.

Think pink corsets, red ruffled silk panties, black fishnets, garter belts and clicking lipstick and Hollywood hair and you've got a showgirl about to wow you with the best theatrical style exotic dance there is!


Hollywood has just produced a new film about this dance style starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

The story line is about a small-town girl who travels to big Los Angeles to find herself in a neo-Burlesque club longing to be on stage with the rest of the showgirls.

The film will fill you in on why a girl would long for the chance to dance on stage in this 20th century American-style of entertainment!

The strip-tease 
used to be the main attraction in the 1890's. It started gaining its taboo status when used in Canada in gentlemen's clubs that had dancers use a costumed theme routine to entertain the patrons.

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque

The strip tease moved to America in the 1970's and became more popular as women used poles in their dance routines as they removed their clothing. 

Pole dancing 
can be used along with a striptease and erotic dance moves in creating the choreography for a show.

Pole dancing then became attached to this particular form of dancing and the taboo has since stuck with it...fortunately, pole dancing is becoming 'pole fitness' in many circles and as it becomes more mainstream as a fitness venue, it is more acceptable to learn how to pole dance!

There are many films that have been produced that are based on this pre-strip joint entertainment, including:

Hollywood Revels (1946)

The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968)

Chicago (2002)

One of the best burlesque workout dvd's that I have used and learned this style of dance from is Rodney James' aka Mr. Burlesque and The Mojo Man "Burlesque Beat" DVD. It is jam-packed with lots of super-sexy moves from the floor to standing! He also teaches an incredible chair dance routine in this dvd, too. Read my review on it here! RAWR with Rodney is also a great DVD to learn this style of dance from as well.

Burlesque makes a great:

  • Cardio routine...try the DVD above and see if aren't sweating in a few minutes
  • Additional choreography to your pole routines
  • Fun performance for showcases
  • Great additional dance class for pole dance studios!

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