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I actually purchased the "Burlesque Beat DVD" a few years back and fell in love with Rodney James aka “Mr. Burlesque” and “The Mojo Man” upon watching and starting to learn the routines in it! I found the dance style incredibly sexy and fun to just watch but I had to learn some of these super hot moves myself!

This 45-minute DVD includes 6 sections:

  • The Warm Up
  • Learn Step-by-Step
  • The Chair
  • The Challenge
  • One-on-One with Rodney
  • And Girlfriend Party Time

The DVD starts with a 10+ minute full-body warm-up that is simple and sexy all while incorporating moves that will help later in the routine. The warm-up includes head and shoulder rolls, hip rolls and sways, plies, super-sexy floorwork and lots of stretching complete with Rodney’s big, fun personality.

Next is a step-by-step section that teaches the entire burlesque dance routine. The routine includes moves that go from being on your feet, the floor and on a chair – a workout with some super-hot moves that work your entire body!

The chair routine section gives you so many ways to move on and with the chair that you can even do this alone as a dance or use these moves in other routines.

The “One-on-One with Rodney” section teaches another routine that again includes some super hot dance moves that work your whole body as well. This routine is demonstrated in the “Girlfriend Party Time” section that I think is so fun, freeing and can I say it enough: SEXY!!!

Rodney has always liked to demonstrate in his teaching that anyone can dance burlesque regardless of age, size, shape or experience. He includes women that he has taught the routine to from his gym classes in this DVD. I love it!

What I Love about the Burlesque Beat DVD

This DVD is visually appealing – who doesn’t want to watch dancers in corsets, fishnet, red lipstick and shiny, black heels? And Rodney brings his own flair and does a great job leading you through learning everything step by step.

I love Rodney James’ personality and dance expertise that shines through his routines. I love how sexy and fun these routines are and how I can learn and take these moves and use them even in my pole or chair – or combination of both – dance routines.

I also like how women from the gym classes demo one of the dances. It shows how simple it is to learn and also you don’t have to be a pro or super-coordinated (which I feel like I am NOT most of the time!)

Learning burlesque dances like these can erase a lot of your inhibitions about dance, about your body, build some self-esteem and give you a great boost of confidence!

The stretches, exotic moves and pace make for a workout that is a good cardio session as well as sculpting and toning exercise.

Where Can I Purchase a Copy?

You can purchase a copy of the Burlesque Beat DVD online or download it here.

Follow Rodney on his website rodneyjames.net, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and on Twitter!

Also, check out my review on the new RAWR with Rodney dance DVD, another great burlesque-style DVD!

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