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I think one of the most common questions is “How can I build more strength for pole?” This usually comes once someone has started pole dance classes or started learning on their own and realize how much strength is needed for lifting, holding, spinning and maneuvering their body weight in so many different ways and directions – including in an upside-down position (inverting)!

Taking Ayesha step-by-step.
Learning how to muscle up and flip on the gymnastics bar.

I am nowhere near where I want to be in my pole dancing journey but I DO know how to build more strength for pole – and to add it quickly. I did it myself and was able to make huge strides of progress in learning new tricks and moves.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor, personal trainer nor am I certified to give any medical or physical fitness advice, I am only sharing the things that I have used and that have worked for me in my training.

Please as always, consult your physician to see if you are ready to take on more physical strain; have a yearly check-up and also always pay attention to old areas of injury or any new injuries. Take care of your body, give plenty of time for healing and recovery and never work through pain that is signaling you that SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Here are some of the ways that I believe are the fastest, best and sure-fire ways of building more strength for pole dancing – getting that perfect blend of stamina, stability, balance, power and strength


First, lets look at our cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance. What I am talking about here is the ability to do a pole routine to a 3-5 minute song.

I found out while attempting to put together a small routine for a showcase how breathless I became when trying to go from move to move – even with small doses of floorwork or poses in between.

So what I used was HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training to up my endurance and ability to do tricks and moves that both required my strength and cardiovascular endurance.

HIIT is usually a short, intense workout lasting anywhere from 5-20 minutes and basically you do so many minutes of very intense, all-out, hard exercising with short intervals of rest or a low-intensity exercise such as walking or marching in place.

The way I found out how to start with my body’s fitness level is with Dr. Eric Berg’s Exercise Optimization Formula – very easy to use and calculate and you will be guaranteed success with HIIT this way. I tried setting up some random rounds on my own and just could not hardly keep up and my recovery was not good. This way worked for me. 

Build more strength for pole tip: I also did my pole dance routine over and over and just stopped at whatever point I needed to when I felt I could not continue. I did this over and over until I could complete the whole routine with ease and not need a break.

Basic Body-Weight Exercises

You can’t go wrong with simple, no-equipment-needed exercises such as:

  • Push ups
  • Variations of push ups
  • Handstands
  • Handstand presses and push ups
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Lunges
  • Sit ups/crunches/ V-ups
  • Variations of squats such as Pistol Squats

Doing a series of these will definitely help you build more strength for pole dance. Incorporate them into your workouts now or use them for a workout in itself. 

Athletic Training

Doing a HIIT workout on my stationary bike.

I once hired a trainer that was a former professional football player and learned some invaluable lessons, training techniques and a LOT about what my body was capable of.

We did 30-minute workouts that included a variety of exercises that are used to build explosive power such as jumps, weighted jumps, pulls, pushes, and various lifts. We used all types of equipment like weighted sleds, barbells, gymnastics rings, ropes, plates, pull up bars, dumbbells and medicine balls. The results were incredible! I found myself with more powerful strength for poling – the explosive movement that I learned was what helped me.


I searched around for a gymnastics class for adults a couple of years ago – and found an instructor who was willing to start one with three of us women who were interested.

We learned lots of basic gymnastics exercises that gave me a higher level of body awareness – we learned tumbles, cartwheels, handstands, hand-walks, grip changes, rope climbs, seal push-ups, caster exercises and how to do flips on the bar. We even learned some easy exercises on getting a more perfect foot point and even how to work on our toe point during dinner time!

Gymnastics definitely helped me to build more strength for pole as well as flexibility and body awareness. 

Weight lifting/ Strength training

Lifting weights has by far been one of my favorite go-tos in my quest to build more strength for pole. I not only get to carve out my physique but can work on weak areas but it seems to help me with my balance, posture and ability to work on the pole longer.

I personally use a very old strength-training system that was developed even before Arnold Schwarzenegger became famous – he used it and it works.

There’s even a free app that goes along with it by The system is called 5x5 and basically you do 5 sets of 5 reps for 3 different exercises only 3 days a week. I find that I must do the workout twice a week because 3 times is too much for my body to handle. You make gains in pounds or kg lifted as well as muscle and strength gains quickly.

Build More Strength for Pole Exercises

There’s nothing like using your dance pole to do exercises that will get you stronger! I know a variety of different exercises that have made me stronger using just my body weight and the pole. I outline quite a few of them in my downloadable, printable e-Book that you can get here.

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