Beginner Pole Dance Moves

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Here are some beginner pole dance moves to start with...and that you can even make a routine to!

These moves do not require that you be able to climb or even hold yourself on the pole yet. They are simple, sexy and basic pole dance moves that you can practice and even improvise on to make them you own. Every dancer has his or her own style and pole is no different - learn the basics, then make them your own.

The Pole Walk

This is one of the first moves you will learn when going to a pole dance class. You can even practice this without a pole. 

Pole Turns

These turns I demonstrate are basically a very simplified pirouette that you can start with before learning more advanced turns. These make great transitions. 

The Pole Slide

This is a great transition to get to the floor for your floor work. This is also good for beginners to get used to trusting their grip on the pole when working with their body weight. You won't be handling 100% of your body weight with this move, but some of it as you slide down. 

The Leg Open

This is one of the first simple and sexy moves I learned in pole. you can do this right after the pole squat if you go down onto sitting on your heels. 

Push Up Sexy

This move looks so hot! You can really exaggerate the roll, even splay your legs open and really arch your back when you push your butt up. 

The Pole Over

This move is pretty easy and takes a little flexibility to bend all the way over to touch your toes. I modify it a little in the video for those that may not have much flexibility when starting out. 

Hip Dips

Hips Dips are fun and sexy and a great way to start working your quads out. You speed these up or slow them down and also exxagerate them a lot more than I do in the video. The other variation is to 'dip' down a lot lower and get a better quad-killing workout. 

Hip Circles

Hip circles are one of the great beginner pole dance moves that you can use on and off the pole. Here I demonstrate them using the pole for balance. You can exaggerate them a lot more as well as slow them down and bend your knees more for bigger circles.

Half Turns or Half Spins

Before you learn a full spin, get used to doing these. I believe they have also been referred to as "U-Turns" because of the "U" shape of the arch your feet make in this move. This is a great basic pole dance move to learn how your body weight will feel getting into that centrifugal motion.

A Basic Pole Dance Moves Routine

I put all of the above moves into a little, short and simple routine to get you started. Enjoy, practice and make it your own. You can do this to a fast or slow song and improvise the moves. 

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