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Affirmations for pole dancers...we could all use some more positive self-talk...and I make that a little easier with my eBook filled with 100 positive affirmations for pole dancers!

When we affirm something, we are pretty much saying that is it true. When you repeat a statement like "I am strong and confident on the pole" over and over to yourself, a message is relayed to your brain that this particular message, affirmation, is very important. 

Our wonderful brains also go to work automatically looking for ways to help you to achieve this. It's like putting an autpilot program into our lives and everything in our life starts moving towards that goal or that particular statement. 

This is why it is so very important to avoid negative people, negative messages and to fill our mind, our ears with these positive messages. 

Read one of these positive messages to yourself aloud in the morning, before you pole dance and before you go to bed...if you are serious about getting better at poling!

The statements you will find in this book include:

  • I will embrace my emotions as they flow from me when I dance.

  • Every time that I get on my pole I will open my heart, my mind and my body to learning something new about myself.
  • Today I will turn off all the judgments that constantly whisper in my ear. Today there are no judgments on me or on others. 
  • Not everyone in my life will understand what pole dance means to me. But it resonates within me and feeds me. That is what matters.
  • And lots more...100 in fact!

Reviews about "Affirmations for Pole Dancers"

You can read some of the reviews here that are coming in about this book:

"100 Affirmations for Your Pole Dance Journey  is a book with unlimited possibilities...The action of filling your mind with a positive thought about the activity you are about to perform is said to help you feel better about the activity and your performance...This book provides great examples of statements students would benefit from hearing prior to their workout experience."

- Kody, instructor and owner at Pole Harmony

"Every once in awhile, we feel a little down, demoralised, battered and bruised. Sometimes we hit a bump in our pole journey and we feel like giving up. Or we may be stuck with a 'pole plateau' and don't know how to move on. One day you're dancing like a superstar and flying around the pole, and the next day you're sitting on the floor wondering why you just can't get that damn trick...Sara understands that and has decided to create an e-book titled "Affirmations for Pole Dancers" to give us not one, but 100 ways to inspire ourselves such that we become better and more skillful on the pole."

- Michelle Ngiam, blogger of Heartnpole

"This sport hurts, but we must endure the pain because there is the intense pleasure of having achieved a new trick or combo. This e-book reminds us all of that, so what better way to get motivated! I affirmation  a day for 100 days can be a great way to begin our days with a passionate reminder of why we pole dance."

- Joy, blogger of MaPoleDance

"Pole dance, like any other form of self expression, is rife with self-doubt and criticism. I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees their evening pole practice ruined by a negative comment made earlier in the day. Or shows up to pole class full of promise only to feel overshadowed by more advanced students. Or just get sick of seeing their "flaws" reflected back in the studio mirror. Even when I am aware of what is affecting me it can be a struggle to recover. Daily reminders of your accomplishments, strengths, and journey can aid in a quicker recover."

- Jillian, blogger of Pole Geek

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