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In order to perform an aerial invert, you need to first master and have a strong basic invert as well as good core strength to get your legs up over your head without the help of a kick from the ground. If you need more core strength, practice these exercises first.

There are 3 basic steps to doing this move:

  1. Climb the pole.
  2. Get your hips and legs in front of the pole and curl up into a tuck using your core.
  3. Go upside down. Inverting while already up on the pole requires you to use your ab/core muscles to curl up and get your legs up on the pole. Get one leg up and hook just as if you were going to invert from the floor. Once one leg is hooked, then straighten the other leg behind it. 

Here is a video that demonstrates the move:

Need more strength to do an aerial invert?

Do you want to learn some exercises that will make you stronger for pole? Check out my page here with ideas on exercises and conditioning to get stronger fast to be able to do more with your body! I also have an e-Book called "Pole Power" that outlines lots of exercises on and off the pole that you can do to up your strength. 

Some girls are fit and strong enough to just jump into doing crazy tricks - these are the gymnasts, aerial dancers or just strong daredevils. But the majority of us have to start with basics. I even had a gal once who was a competitive weight lifter and bikini contestant come over to try my poles out. She was incredibly fit but not for hoisting herself upside down let alone hardly hold on for any length of time. 

It takes getting your body used to:

  • Gripping with your hands
  • Gripping with your legs and thighs
  • Pole 'burn' 
  • Working your entire body out 
  • Being upside down and aware where your limbs are going next
  • General body awareness
  • How to slip or fall safely out of a move
  • Progressively build strength in your arms, wrists, shoulders, back and core
  • Progressively build strength and power in your legs, hip flexors, glutes

Before trying any pole dancing tricks please:

  • Know what tricks/moves that you should master before going on to more advanced moves

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