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Benefits of Advertising with is almost decade old – and is a reputable source of information for both those new to pole dancing and veterans as well – whether they be involved in pole dancing as a sport, hobby, job or fitness venue.

I personally stay involved with the pole dance community worldwide, attend workshops and events so that I can bring relevant, fresh information, stories and reviews to my readers. I also make it a priority to stay available to my readers, subscribers and those new to the world of pole. I bring reviews of products that are available to polers as well as new relevant information, articles and interviews every week.

Here is some statistical information about

  • Consistently for the past several years, this site gets between 500-1000 UNIQUE visitors per day
  • The pages on this site are visited over 60,000 times per month!
  • A 600+ page website that currently has 3000 monthly newsletter subscribers
  • Has an Alexa ranking of 779,000 ranking in the top percentile of pole dance related websites
  • Over 80% of this site’s pages rank in the top 10 pages found in the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Types of Ads

Check out the example ads on this page for placement ideas. The following are the types of ads that we currently have:

Top of Page Banners

  • Homepage Banner (1 spot)
  • Top of Page Banner (Top 10 pages)
  • Sitewide Top of Page Banner (1 Available Spot)

Side Banners

  • Top of Page Side Banner (Top 10 Pages)
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  • Bottom of Homepage Banner (1 Available Spot)
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Newsletter Ads

  • Includes being in the monthly newsletter send out 12x per year
  • Logo Newsletter Ad
  • Coupon Newsletter Ad
  • Banner Newsletter Ad

In-Text Ads

  • Button in article
  • Banner after first paragraph 

Button Ads

  • Homepage Button
  • Sidebar Button Ad at Top
  • Sidebar Button Ad at Bottom 
  • Sitewide Side Button Ad Top
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Large Bottom of Page

  • Sitewide Ad (see the example ad at the very bottom of this page) 

Global Pole Dance Studio Directory

  • Ads of any of the above types - banners, buttons and sidebars

Text Links

  • Text links to your product/business/event placed in a relevant, prominent/visible spot on relevant pages
  • Text link placed sitewide 

(I do not currently have advertisement design services available. Please provide your own designs.)

Example of Text Link Ad

This is an example of a text link - leading to your product/business/service/event! 

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Customized Advertising Package

Please feel free to contact me if you have a specific type or placement of advertising that you don’t see listed here. I am here to be a partner to the success of your business!

Rates to Advertise

All rates are monthly with discounts being applied for 6-month and 1-year contracts.

Understand that this site is growing monthly and your business will be in front of the global pole dance community with the highest number of visits coming from the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Germany and Israel!

Click here to download the current advertising rate card. All rates are listed in USD. 

Terms and Conditions

I reserve the right to decline any advertising that I feel would not fit in with the content of the site. I strive to provide the most relevant companies, products and information to the pole dance and pole fitness community.

If at any time you are not satisfied with your ad, I will gladly refund the balance of your payment as well as remove your ad.

Pricing is subject to change at the time of renewal.

All transactions are done through PayPal.

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