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MaPoleDance is a French blog by Joy, an accomplished pole dancer. She writes about a variety of topics related to pole dance such as diet, video lessons, book reviews, street poling and her own growth. She also does the very cool "Mood of the Day" photo cards. (More about that below) Here is just a taste of her pole story. 

Joy Jimenez, a pole dance student, originally from Orleans, France, has lived in Paris since 2009 and is also a student of  INSEEC business school. She writes in her blog and is also currently creating her own brand of fitness wear.

How did you first get introduced to pole dancing?

Laurence Hilsum was my first teacher. Then, I also took pole dance lessons with Manuela Carneiro and Keem Martinez. Now, I continue to take classes in Pole And Dance studio with its different teachers.

How did you first learn pole dance (studio classes, DVD, self-taught, ect)?

I learned with studio classes.

And how long have you been pole dancing now?

Soon, it will be 2 years that I do pole dance.

Have you competed? If so, have you won any competitions? If not, do you plan on competing?

No I don't.

What has been the most challenging thing for you to learn in pole?

From the beginning, the biggest challenge was to tow or carry me with only the strength of my arms. 

Joy's favorite music

I have created a playlist for pole dancing and I love "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance and "Chandelier" by Sia. Here are some of my other songs I pole dance to:

Do you have any other dance background?

I did ten years of figure ice-skating. I did competitions and I loved that. 

How do you feel about stripping/exotic dance industry still being attached to our current pole dancing for fitness or fun?

For me, Pole Dancing is a beautiful sportive dance. I prefer to practice it barefoot and not so sexy. I don't like the negative connotations related to pole dance but I think that we can practice this sport sexy way sometimes without these connotations. 

Have you ever been injured or frustrated in pole that you took a break?

No never and I hope it will not happen !!!

What advice would you give a beginning pole dance student that cannot hold her body weight on the pole yet?

It will come gradually, not give up, do cladding and pumps to gain enough strength for first figures.

What advice would you give an advanced trickster?

Work flow and cleanliness !

Are there any particular exercises that you used to help you gain more strength to pole?

Not particularly. I went regularly to pole dance classes, 2 times a week and sometimes 3 times. On my pole dance blog, you can find a lot of exercises to build muscle and to relax you.

Joy's projects, goals and thoughts

Tell us how your blog got started.

From my first class, I was addicted. So, I spent my evenings to seek information and watch videos. I thought it was complicated to have all the information (news, figures, fitness exercices, studios and videos...), I had to wander from website to website. My boyfriend asked me why I did not create a blog with all details. I loved this idea !!! And on the night of December 27th, I started, Mapoledance was created. 

I love your "Mood of the Day" project on can we participate in that? 

To participate, you have to send me your photo (pole dance, dance, stretch, running, yoga, fitness activities...) and a motivational phrase at [email protected] or via Facebook. Then, I do photo editing and publish it on my blog's social networks.

What are your new personal goals in pole dance? What about your goals in life right now?

In Pole dance, I want to continue to progress and one day succeed in doing the rainbow Marchenko. 

Now in life, I want to get my Masters degree in business school and fulfill the creation of my fitness clothing brand success. 

What would you like to see change or added in to the world of pole dance? 

I would like pole dance be increasingly recognized as a real sport and without prejudice, the creation of international pole dancing federation to coordinate the world and Europe championships as for football.

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