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I recently tried 123poling Online Tutorials and was amazed at the quality, quantity and variety of pole dance online lessons I could try.

This site was founded with the mission of providing “safe and clear pole dancing instructions for all levels of pole dancing” and to “help pole dancers of all levels to grow and improve their pole skills, as well as give ideas and inspiration for pole competitors.” And they have done just that!

What 123poling Online Tutorials offers

This site has SO much to offer, I wonder how anyone could ever exhaust all of the lessons. It is set up for students to use along with pole classes or on their own, for instructors to have new lessons for class and for competitors to gain access to lessons taught by pole champions such as Brandon Grimm, Nicole the Pole, Ashley Fox, Amy Hazel and Carlo Franca.

There are lessons for all levels including:

  • Absolute beginners
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Lessons from featured instructors such as Nicole the Pole, Ashley Fox and Lindsay Lithe just to name a few
  • Themed pole dance tutorials for Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day just to name a few that I saw
  • Combos, Warm-ups and lots of tips!
  • Liquid Motion series
  • Twerktastic series
  • Pole Sequences series
  • Pole Handstand series
  • And Injury Prevention and Corrective Training

Erotic Dance Tutorials Coming!

And something really exciting: an Erotic Tutorials Series is set to be offered soon! I haven't been able to find much of this anywhere online - taking workshops is the place where I have learned most of exotic dance.

The new tutorial series includes Erotic Pole, Erotic Chair, Lap Dance, Heel Clacks and Leg Waves….SEXY SEXY SEXY!!! My favorite part is one the instructors that will be teaching in the lessons: Elizabeth Carmine Black, queen of erotic, exotic pole dance in my opinion! I am looking forward to this ;)

What I loved about 123poling Pole Dancing Online Tutorials

First off, the value. The membership cost is low relative to what you are getting in the quality, quantity and variety of tutorials.

Secondly, this site is user-friendly for an online pole student for three reasons: the way the lessons are color-coordinated, the way they are structured and the ribbon-technique that is used to teach in them.

All of the lessons are color-coordinated to make it easy to know if that lesson is best for your level. All white indicates it is for absolute beginners, white and teal for beginners, neon yellow for intermediate level polers, red for advanced, black for expert, orange and yellow for warm-ups and hot pink for sexy transitions. How easy is that?

Also, I loved the way the lessons are set up. The lessons are structured to show you all angles of a move before it is broken down. Most of the lessons are taught from the floor first to get used to where and how you will be placing your body, then it is taught higher up on the pole. Then pole drills are provided in case you need some more strengthening/conditioning before attempting that move. Variations in entering and exiting the move are also provided along with modifications of the move to make it easier and advanced options. Another valuable item in these lessons is the spotting techniques that are shown and taught, especially useful for instructors.

Red Ribbon Technique

One of the best parts of the lessons is the use of the ribbon to identify and lessen confusion about inside/outside right/left legs/arms!

The Red Ribbon Technique is a wonderful idea, especially in the world of learning pole dance from a video recording! It can get super-confusing WATCHING a demonstration on a pole, believe me. You have to look at their legs and arms, see which one is going where and when you are going sideways or upside down, this can get crazy – I have been there, hanging mid-air like “What the hell? I thought I had this right!” and feeling like an awkward pretzel. I think this method erases all that confusion and add to the clarity of instruction.

123poling Online Tutorials also has the most creative and wide variety of pole tricks that I have seen out of all of the online tutorial offerings for pole dancing with lots of signature moves of the pole competitor champions as well.

How much does it cost?

First, 123poling Online Tutorials gives you a 15-day free trial of the Ayesha Membership which normally goes for $19.99 per month. This membership includes liquid motion tutorials, lessons from beginner to expert levels, warm-up, combo and transition tutorials as well as access to Pole Partner stars. There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel your membership at any time.

The Iron-X Membership is more inclusive of all of the series lessons and is $249.99 per year. What a great value! A couple of workshops cost that much! That isn’t including any pole classes for the year either. So for this membership you get everything in the Ayesha membership PLUS the series lessons. I paid $95 at Pole Expo just for an hour Liquid Motion class full to the brim with people! So this is an awesome deal with the ability to pause, rewind and take your time learning.

You can also purchase the series individually and get lifetime access to the videos.

The lessons are smartphone and tablet friendly and you get new tutorials every week!

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