Zara Groves and Sharp-Shooters Pole Dancing School


I had the privilege of interviewing Zara Groves, pole dancing instructor of Sharp Shooters Pole Dancing School and Break n Spin Dance Studio.

How did you get started pole dancing?

I have been in the Fitness Industry as an instructor for 16 years now, and I have trained in every type of fitness possible.

7 years ago I was reading about how Pole Dancing was the latest fitness craze in America so I ordered a pole and Fawnia Dietrich's DVD and taught myself to start with.

Then I met a girl called Harmony Rose who could Pole Dance and with my fitness skills and her pole skills I started teaching Pole Dancing for Fitness. 

What are your feelings/views about pole dancing and its relation to exotic dance/stripping?

I think Pole Dancing and Exotic dancing are two totally different things. I know that there are poles in all exotic dance clubs but Pole Dancing is a totally different art.

It takes years to perfect and even then you are still always learning. I think each has its own place in the world.

How did you start your studio/school?

Sharp Shooters started 9 years ago as a Tequila Shooter girl company hence the name. Once I started teaching pole dancing and performing the pole dancing just took over from the tequila shooter girls.

Who did you learn from/train with?

I am pretty self taught. I started with DVD's and then once I met Harmony Rose I learnt from her, and bought all the DVD's that were out there and kept on learning.

Have you ever competed?

I have performed many times in public but I competed this year for the first time. It was the Welsh Championship and I came 5th.

What was the most difficult move for you to learn?

The move that has seemed to have taken me the longest to master out of all the moves was the hand spring.

I am not a natural Pole Dancer I have to work really hard to master moves and this one took much longer than all the rest.

What advice to you give to beginners?

The advice I would give to beginners would be to make sure that their teacher is a reputable instructor and that they have lots of knowledge about the body, as the risk for injury in a pole is higher than a lot of fitness. 

Zara, do you have someone in the pole community that you admire/look up to/want to emulate?

I absolutely love Sally-Ann Giles, her performances are always cheeky, sexy and full of amazing tricks. I also love Rebecca Butcher, she is amazing and such a lovely lady too.

Where is your studio located? What classes do you offer?

My main Studio is located in Llandudno, North Wales and we offer lots of classes as well as all different levels of Pole Dancing and Pole Fitness. I also hire venues in Bangor, North Wales, Wrexham, North Wales and Chester, England.

Anything else you want to add?

I absolutely love pole dancing, it is the hardest fitness I have ever done and still continues to be, there is always something new to learn.

I think everyone should at least try it once. It also builds great friendships within the classes.

Here is a video of a Sharp Shooter's performance:

Here is Zara Grove and her studios' information:

Break 'n' Spin Dance Studio and Sharp-Shooters Pole Dancing School

Phone numbers:01492 868665 and 078 1314 7584

You can follow Zara Groves on Twitter here:

Her website is:

Zara Groves > Pole Dance Interviews

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