The x pole is one of the most well made removable and multi-piece dance poles out there!

This removable pole is known to be on of the sturdiest, most durable and high quality poles available. All of the styles are multi-piece and portable and come in two finishes, chromed steel and titanium gold, both of which have excellent grip for doing tricks and learning on.

The poles also come in two widths, 45 or 50 mm diameters. I have always used 50 mm but if you have really small hands or are petite, you may want to try the 45 mm.

They also come in static and spinning or with both features. Since they are multi-pieced poles, they come in a neat carrying case.

Multi-pieces for a removable pole? You might think that this could cause instability in the pole holding a 200 lb person...but the way the joints are designed with metal tubing that expands and contracts to hold the pieces together reduces stuck pole pieces and also increases the rigidity of the pole after assembled. Installation is non-invasive which means that it takes no hardware into your floors or ceilings and it is also easy and quick to assemble.

Here is a short video that explains the features, pros and cons and will help you to decide whether this is the right pole for you:

This short assembly instruction video gives a good idea of how the joints work and an idea how the pole is assembled:

If you have any technical or more in depth questions about this brand of stripper pole, this list of frequently asked questions may help you.

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