The Wrist Sit


Also known as the "Hello Boys" and the "Eye Opener", the Wrist Sit is a pole dance trick that is fun and sexy to use when up on the pole.

There are a few basic steps to performing this move:

  1. Climb the pole and get into a pole sit with your legs crossed over one another and extended.
  2. Holding the pole with one hand right in front of your face, lean back and reach down below your bottom to grasp the pole in a baseball grip. 
  3. Lean back and let your legs go upwards, still keeping them crossed.
  4. When you feel your grip with both hands is secure, uncross your legs and shift your bottom/hips to one side of the pole (almost to where the pole is touching only one of your butt cheeks) and extend your legs out in a 'V'
  5. You are not going to be actually 'sitting' on your wrist - you don't want your weight on your wrist (even though it is called a wrist sit!) but your body is kind of leaning onto your back arm. 

Here is a video clip by Pole Dance Community on how the move is performed:


  • Make sure and have a secure grip as well as hold on to the pole with your upper arm; don't let all of your weight rest on your lower arm
  • Try learning the trick without extended your legs out into an open v at first; lean back holding onto the pole in the steps described above and tucking your legs towards your chest. Inch them out a little at a time.
  • Use the wrist sit as an accent move, a quick open-your-legs splay or slowly peel them open as you gain more strength in a slower routine

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