Wrist and Forearm Stretches 


Learn how to do these wrist and forearm stretches and perform them before doing any invert practice or pole dancing. 

Our wrists take a lot of pressure in pole dancing since we are using our hands a lot to hold our bodies and its weight on the pole. 

Because our wrists are delicate in some ways and can be easily injured by too much weight or strain on them too quickly, you need to first:

  • Gradually build up the flexion and extension in the wrists and forearms with the stretches here on this page
  • Also, gradually build up the weight they take by using the tips I list at the bottom of the page.

wrist and forearm stretch - flexion

  • With your arm out in front of you, gently pull your fingers down, the palm of your hand facing down. Don't pull or strain too hard, this should be a gentle stretch and there should be no pain involved. 
  • If the movement feels stiff, try the wrist circles first (below)
  • Hold this for about 15 seconds and release. Do the same with your other arm.

wrist and forearm stretch - extension

  • With your arm out in front of you, gently pull your fingers towards you, the palm of your hand facing out and way from your body. 
  • This is a gentle stretch; there should be no pain involved. If the movement feels stiff or strained, try the wrist circles first (below)

flexion stretch on floor

This puts a little more pressure on the wrists but feels really good to the forearms. 

  • Using a yoga mat or soft towel on the floor, get on your hands and knees and place the backs of your hands on the floor as flat as possible.
  • Leaning forward ever so slightly, gradually increase the pressure on the stretch. You will feel it in your forearms and the tops of your wrists.

extension stretch on floor

  • Again, on the same mat or towel, on your hands and knees, place your hands on the floor palms down. 
  • Leaning forward slightly, gradually place more pressure on the stretch.
  • You will feel the stretch on the insides of your wrists and forearms. 

wrist circles

Warm up your wrists by holding your arms out in front of you and turning your wrists gently in a circular motion, illustrated in the photos below. 

This gets synovial fluid flowing in the joints to reduce your risk of injury and get the tendons and ligaments prepared for more action. 

tips to gradually increase wrist strength

  • Gradually build up weight bearing load on your wrists. In other words, start with modified push ups before doing full push ups. Also, do Hover plank (weight on your elbows) instead or regular plank (weight on your wrists).
  • Gradually build up the strength in your wrists by doing pole-ups from the floor, where you are using your feet and legs to assist you in getting your weight up onto the pole.
  • Do assisted pull-ups. Use a pull-up strap (you can get one form a sporting goods store) or a chair underneath you where you use one or both of your legs to assist you in getting into your pull or chin-up position. 
  • Massage your hands by leaning soem weight forward on a golf or tennis ball beneath the palm of your hand. Move it around in a circular motion.
  • Massage your hands and fingers with oil or cream as well. A reflexology book will help with getting a thorough massage. 

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