The us pole dance federation was founded in 2008 by two ladies, Anna Grundstrom and Wendy Traskos because at the time there was no pole dancing competition that would judge a performance based on fair criteria. Most contests and competitions at the time were only based on things like the applause of the audience.

Now there is a professional scoring system based on 10 points and two rounds, one compulsory and one optional.

Also, every year there is a USPDF Competition that presents pole dancing as a competitive sport. The USPDF considers pole dancing a sensual athletic dance form that demands coordination, flexibility, sensuality, creativity, individual style, and physical strength.

All these elements are equally important in USPDF competitions.

Here is the list of competition guidelines that explains how to apply to enter the competition.

There is a pro and amateur group of finalist that perform at the competition. During the week of the competition there are workshops that are taught by some of the biggest names in the pole dance community and anyone can participate in the workshops for a small fee. 

The US Pole Dance Federation also hosts a pole jam that is open to all pole dancers that want to come and meet the instructors, the competitors and other pole dancers.

You can find out more about the judges, the regional competitions, pole dance clothing with their logo, tickets to the championships, studios that are affiliated with their organization, video highlights of the performances and much more on their website

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