Trouble Sticking!!!

by Syreta

Hi I am a level 6 pole learner and I have recently brought a pole for my home.

In the winter my hands are very dry and cold and so is my home. My legs usually do not have a problem with sticking so I brought mighty grip gloves and I am still not sticking!!!

I warm up my body with a jog and a very strecthes and I usually start off my pole practice by climbing up and down the pole a few times.

I can't warm it up with spins because I never stick. I use a window cleaner to clean the pole but I prefer using dirty poles because I get more grip. however my pole has'nt had the chance to get dirty as I can't use it.

Please Please help, I can't even do a upside crucifixion!!!

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Sep 27, 2014
Aiming to Pole... NEW
by: Anonymous

Call me crazy gals, but I'm just a small town girl from south Alabama & I've been dying & I mean dying to try this pole dancing, but ONLY in the privacy of my Southern Baptist bedroom!!
I have endless questions (& oodles of excitement), but I'll limit myself to only one for tonight:
What is the deal w/ pole temperature? Seems to me, it would be a lot more inviting & comfy to jump up on a nice WARM pole!! Are there electrically-heated options on the market??
Please don't laugh & keep in mind that I'm not able to do any research...I cannot risk my Pastor or, Heaven forbid, those nosy nancies in my Sunday School class knowing what I'm up to!!!

Apr 20, 2012
Connecting with the pole. NEW
by: Anonymous

My sympathies, I have the same problem. At my local studio I can do loads, at home I struggle with spins even...

Is the pole size different where you go as opposed to the one at home? Those extra mm can make a difference to your grip.

I've got a Gorilla Gold golf grip cloth which helps a little.

The only advice I can offer now is to perservere and put up with a few unproductive sessions at home to gain strength. That's what I aim to try. After which it will get better and you'll perform as well as you do at your local studio.

Perhaps like me, you pole better when others are around as it makes you work harder.

As daft as it sounds, some poles you can connect better with than others. I have the same problem but I refuse to give up and sell my pole.

Hope it works for you. Good luck xx

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