The Pole Diet is more than another "diet"; it is a simple, easy-to-use and follow performance-based nutrition plan designed for pole dancers to get the most out of every training and practicesession!

Energy and strength are needed for every workout and this diet and eating plan will help you, in a simple and easy way, to start being able to cut through all of the diet information out there and choose the BEST stuff for your body NOW!

Athletes have to take their diet seriously and that includes pole dancers! Your physical performance is based on your strength, skill and the "fuel" in your body! 

In this FREE immediately downloadable, 18-page information-packed eBook, (click on the image to start your download) you will receive:

- what to eat before training so that you can get the most out of your workout session

- what the BEST and easy-to-prepare meal is after your training that will ensure muscle recovery and gorwth

- 6 of the top fat-burning tips for shedding fat specifically and NOT losing your very-much-needed muscle!

how much and how often to drink water for the best hydration

- what to keep on hand in your cupboards and fridge

- how junk food and treats will help you in your diet

- the one question you ask before each meal that will determine if you stay fit or fat

- what fiber is and how to use it for your benefit

- an easy-to-use table to choose foods so your energy level will stay high for your entire workout!

- a simple way to plan a healthy meal

- no calorie counting or weighing foods...the simple way to measure food portions

- how to keep a training and food log

- and much more!!!

This eBook is designed with the beginning pole dancer in mind as well as the advanced poler!

The eBook is available for download in .pdf format; a free reader version of Adobe Acrobat is needed. Here is a link to get the software if you don't already have it: Adobe Acrobat reader free download

Click on the image of the eBook at the top of the page or click here to start your download.

If you have any questions or concerns about this product,
please contact me!

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