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I found Miglena and “The Pole Dancer” website and tutorials one night browsing through pole dancing YouTube videos. I was struck by several things: the ‘lightness’ in her dance, the creativity in which she expressed emotion through her movements, the mastery she exuded in the spins, tricks and floorwork and most of all the fluidity of motion – it was like watching water run through a stream. It was just very beautiful and enjoyable to watch.

About The Pole Dancer

Miglena, originally born in Bulgaria and trained as a child in rhythmic gymnastics, currently lives in Berlin, Germany and teaches choreography at a pole dance studio there. She tries to get students to use creativity in their movements and to look for ways to make the choreography and dance they learn their own. Learning pole dance combos and transitions are big for her since she didn’t find much online when starting to learn pole dance.

She found pole dance online and took a class for the first time at a studio in Berlin. “I liked it – then I started going once a week and liked it more and more” says Miglena.

Her inspiration comes from Marlo Fisken – she loves the way she flows and moves especially on spinning pole. She also is inspired by Marion Crampe, Louise Wawrzynska, Sergia Louise Anderson and Sammy Picone who she feels is really special.

The Pole Dancer Tutorials

She recently started creating tutorials because she wanted to share her knowledge outside of the pole studio as well. Knowing that there were lots of instructional videos for pole dance tricks already, she knew that wasn’t what she wanted to share. She found there was a need for more tutorials on pole dance trick combos, incorporating modern dance and also flow in dance.

The video instruction is for both home polers or those that have a studio to learn at. Her video tutorials, which can be found on YouTube include:

  • Pole Flow Choreography for Beginners/Intermediate
  • 15 Pole Dance Spins into Climbing 
  • How to Create Shapes on Spin Pole
  • Spin Pole Dance Combo
  • Shoulder Stretching Routine
  • Stretching Exercises for Shoulder and Back Flexibility
  • How to Do a Shoulder Stand
  • Yogo Wheel Flow Exercises
  • And there are more to come! Here is the Shoulder Stand tutorial: 

Advice for Pole Dancers

Miglena pole dances about 3-4 days a week currently and emphasizes that she listens to her body. “I like having rest days and I listen to my body; it is very individual but this is what my body is telling me because it is easy to get injured on the pole. I pole because I want to – I want this to feel good to my body.”

Here is the advice she gives to newbies - and all polers really!:

  • Train both sides of your body. 
  • Slow and Steady wins the race – take it easy it’s not about how quick you get things. Master the basics. Don’t rush to get to the next level or the next level class.
  • Keep it simple - You can make simple moves look very nice if you master them.
  • Even if you are learning single tricks try to always make a combination with them -put tricks together from the beginning of learning them because it teaches your body and brain motion memory. This encourages dancers to learn their own pole dance combo ideas.

Follow The Pole Dancer blog and tutorials

Miglena’s blog aims to teach you:

  • How to start putting things together
  • How to gracefully flow between moves
  • How to stop thinking about what to do next
  • How to make strength moves appear effortless

You  can subscribe to her updates that include videos, tips and instruction here on here website or follow her on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Miglena would love to see more people try the things she is teaching in the videos and to get creative – feel free to tag her in your videos!

You can also contact her to share your pole dance progress, ask a question or just hello!

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