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I was excited when I found out about the new Studio Veena poledancing app called "Pole Dancing Lessons with Veena! Another way to make our pole lives a bit easier ;) 

When I downloaded it, I first notices the colorful, attractive and easy-to-read and use look in Veena’s signature purple and fun style.

Without even knowing how to use it yet, I could scroll down and easily see where I wanted to go…or wait, wow, there are so many places to go in pole here. Maybe I should just simply start at “30-Day Take Off” and not get overwhelmed since I have NOT poled in a while and just from experience with the website I know that Veena will warm me up properly and make sure that I am going to build strength the right way meaning no injuries!

There's something for everyone and every level with the StudioVeena poledancing app!

There are several comprehensive and easy to find sections that include:

  • Free Lessons
  • 30 Day Take Off
  •  ‘Nailed It’ Flow, Invert, Caterpillar and Shoulder Mount Programs
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Pole Lessons
  • Floor Work
  • Pole Bonus Lessons that include variations of pole moves and transitions
  • Routines and Combos
  • Exercises
  • Conditioning
  • Foam Roller
  • Stretching and Flexibility
  • 30 Days to Flexy
  • Veena’s Tips section
  • Chair Dance
  • Hammock
  • Hula Hooping
  • And finally: Lap Dance!

Each section includes an introductory video and a description which is nice so you have an overview of that section and see if it is something you want to move forward with at that moment. You can also easily bookmark any of the lessons on the app and pull up your custom list with a “Bookmarks” button that shows on the bottom of the screen no matter what section you are in. The last lesson you accessed in each section will also be automatically saved to start you off right there next time you access it so no forgetting where you left off! Yay!

Try 30 Days to Inverts with Veena's new app

Each section of the StudioVeena poledancing app gives you the option of viewing the “Category” which gives a full list of all the lessons in that section or “View Lesson” which allows you to start and automatically move to the next lesson in that section with a simple click of the ‘next’ arrow. There is also an arrow to move back the previous lesson.

I love the “Search” function on here too! I typed in “invert” and it brought up every lesson that included instruction on inverting, from the Reverse Handstand instruction to spinning inverts in both directions.

Overall, I am very impressed with the app and am looking forward to using it! It is much more user-friendly than using the mobile website on my phone. I have always been thrilled with Veena’s expertise in the field of physiology and how to go about poling without being injured. She also is careful about conditioning for each type of movement and adds so much value to our progress in pole by providing preparatory exercises and a list of other pole tricks/poses/skills that should be mastered before moving on.

Get your own StudioVeena poledancing app free!

The app for Android or Apple is currently FREE you can get that right here and it includes free lessons to get you started on your pole dance journey! How cool is that?  

To access all of Veena’s lessons, you need to have a previous paid membership with or you can subscribe from the studioveena poledancing app for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. I know I have to pay more than that for a gym membership or even a pole studio membership! The yearly membership is less than the cost of one pole workshop! The value and quality of the lessons is worth it as well as the depth of information you can learn and feedback you can get from the community.

Here is where you can sign up for a free account with to try out some of her lessons for yourself. 

Click below to get your app!

StudioVeena Poledancing App > Learn Pole Dancing Home

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