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Studio Veena offers one of the highest quality online pole dance lessons that is set up to help you from beginner to reaching advanced levels. 

One of the best things about her system of teaching you, even though it is online, is that she is actually teaching you, not just demonstrating the moves. This is important for all of us dancers, not just the beginners - even though I feel for a beginner it is extremely important to get a good foundation of understanding how your body works and how pole work is going to affect it.

Poling can be an awesome experience but not if you experience bad injuries or even small injuries that don't get to heal because you don't understand why that area is hurting. 

What I appreciate most is that she has her learning program set up to where you, if you follow it, will start out from the very beginning and progressively build your strength - especially in the areas of your body that will be taxed the most, like your shoulders. She teaches you how to strengthen and protect your rotator cuff, something that only the very best of personal trainers will even mention.

She also goes into lots of flexibility training that is incredible and feels so great after you start doing it. She also has hula hooping and lap dance lessons! Fun!

Veena has also build up her lesson to include some of the most advanced tricks and step-by-step how to learn them, demonstrating different key points that will help you "get" and further understand how to get into position of that move. 

If you are seriously interested in learning how to pole dance, Studio Veena is absolutely the place to start unless you have come across a good pole studio where the instructor(s) understand human anatomy and physiology which are both crucial in pole in order to prevent injury. 

What is scary is that even sometimes when you may feel strong enough to hold a pose or to do a trick, your body may not be ready. You can build a good foundation by following her program. 

Joining her online program with a membership is WAY cheaper than joining a studio or even a gym. For $99 a year, it is a steal. Not only do you get unlimited access to all of the lessons, you get to join an awesome, encouraging and supportive online group that you can join live conversations each week, post your videos, take part in monthly contests and challenges as well as get lots of feedback from the other members. The online group includes students of all levels as well as instructors. 

You can't go wrong! Click here to check out how to get 3 free days of lessons to try out. 

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