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Watching a striptease workout you might think that it looks easy...and stupid, maybe. But don't knock it till you try it! I reviewed and tried Sheila Kelley S Factor 1: The Beginning and let me tell you...just the warm up alone made my core SORE!

I also tried Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease and I guarantee that it will make you sweat! (and learn a few really cool sexy moves...)

The strip really is a sensual way of unveiling your body...taking off layers of clothing to reveal to the viewer a little at a time...the anticipation of seeing more is a big part of the game. Learning the moves through a workout can be fun, challenging and can teach you some really great sexy moves that you can use in a pole dance routine or performance if you wanted to.

Tips on doing a striptease workout

  • Try it first in the privacy of your home. Watch the video, try it and watch yourself in a mirror
  • Let go of your inhibitions...exaggerate the moves. That is part of what makes lap dancing, pole dancing, strip teasing and other forms of sexy dance look so good
  • Try a group class at a local pole studio or gym. Being around other women who have the same desire to get fit and feel sexy will help you in your journey
  • Find a song that inspires you. Find a throb or melody or words that touch an emotion inside of you.
  • Watch movies that have scenes of sexy dancing in them. Check out my Top 10 Stripper movie scenes for some inspiration.
  • Wear something sexy. If you feel silly wearing lingerie, try some pole dancer shorts and leg warmers for a sexy workout look.
  • Wear layers like a bra, tank and a shirt to remove 2 of the 3 pieces of clothing if you aren't comfortable taking everything off
  • Time the removal of your clothes with the ending of the song where the last piece is your panty or shorts. The rest is history if you are dancing for someone!

For more on learning how to strip, check out these free online videos as well as books, DVDs and tips listed. 

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