Strip aerobics is not anything about taking off your clothes...well, maybe a hoodie or a layer of your two shirts. But anything more than that...that is not what this workout is about. 

What it is about is feeling sexy...confident...getting that lean dancer's body...being able to feel and move sensually...dancing with abandon all the while getting a powerfully toning workout!

This dance style has become more popular as the pole dancing movement has caught like a wildfire. The moves can be incorporated into a dance routine as well as used for cardio alone.

Carmen Electra (above in her popular DVD) has popularized it with her Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease DVD Collection which includes lap dancing, chair dancing, strip teasing and other sexy dance moves. I tried just the first disc and was sweating in minutes just learning all of the moves and steps! But it looks great when you get it nailed down and the routine flows.

how do i learn strip aerobics?

There are several ways to get started working out in this fun, sexy sweat off the pounds, learn new moves for your pole dance routine or just to increase your fitness with something different. 

  • Ask your local gym about cardio striptease or sensual dance fitness classes. They can be called several different names so describe what you are looking for
  • Check with your local pole studio. Sometimes they offer classes that do not involve the pole but are cardio based
  • Try one of the DVD's I list below in the privacy of your home. I have about 20 listed below and there are more out there that I haven't tried yet. 
  • Tip: Working out with a mirror helps you get the moves right. 
  • Check out my ideas on step-by-step stripping!

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