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Sneaky Deez wristwraps are definitely an answer for both stability and soreness for your wrists! I met Masha creator of online after seeing her cute Sneaky-Deez wrist wraps on Instgram. I decided to try out a pair since once in a while I will feel soreness from training in my wrist area and usually just take a break until it goes away.

I tried out Sneaky Deez wrist wraps.

I was working on some handstands this week and have not worked on them in some time and I noticed right away some expected soreness.

I kind of worked through it at first but after putting on the Sneaky-Deez, with their slight compression and structure, I felt my wrists just had some more support and stability as I decided to continue working on my handstands.

The wraps, handmade in Slovenia and sold globally, are comfortable, fit well, the Velcro stays closed and they are well-made.

I liked that I felt almost like they were’t even there after a bit and they didn’t get in the way of my pole work. They have just the right flexibility in them – not too stiff or too soft.

I did some inverting, spins and some Caterpillar push-ups and the wrist wraps held up wonderfully and were supportive. They were easy to put on and take off as well and there’s plenty of cute, colorful prints to choose from!

I will definitely use these when doing marathon pole training sessions and next time I go to Pole Expo - because I usually end up being so sore after doing new tricks and exercises over and over all day long. I'd also highly recommend these for pole dance workshops or any class that is long or you are learning new stuff. 

Let's ask the creator of Sneaky Deez...

I asked Masha, owner and creator, a few questions.

What idea prompted you to start Sneaky Deez?

Ever since I started pole dancing I always experienced sore wrists, I thought it was normal in the beginning and it would eventually pass over time after strengthening and conditioning my wrists and just practicing different elements.

Masha, creator of Sneaky Deez

Now after 3 years, I am a pole dance teacher and I still get wrist pain despite testing all the other readily available wrist support options on the market - some of them were too tight, most of them didn't have the right wrist flexibility, and overall they were not comfortable to wear.

The idea of Sneaky Deez wrist wraps came about after a few years of thinking about it, basically, how to make a more functional wrist support that offered comfort and the right support for pole dancers, gymnasts, and yogis, and that also look good.

I created a prototype of the first-ever Sneaky Deez which I still use today, and they worked! no wrist pain after that and people started asking about them. Pretty soon the whole dance school started using them and the rest is history!

Where did you come up with the name “Sneaky Deez”? It’s cute!

It's an element in pole dancing and I loved the name.

How long have you been in business?

Sometime late 2016 and I started my webshop in March 2017.

Are you a pole dancer or gymnast yourself? Tell me about your background/history in sports.

I started doing sports when I was a kid and then I discovered dancing which was my favorite out of any kind of sport. I started with jazz ballet, modern contemporary dances, African styled dancing and then I had to study and I took a few years off. After some time in studies and traveling, I found pole dancing and fell in love with it. 

How can someone prevent wrist pain or soreness? 

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to prevent soreness as everyone is different.  You must start gradually moving forward with strengthening and conditioning exercises for your arms and wrists along with everything else (legs, core, back, et cetera). But making sure that you get plenty of recovery time in between intense sessions so your wrists can properly recover is important.

How does the wristband help to relieve it if you are already sore or have pain?

Sneaky Deez wrist wraps puts a level of compression on the wrists so there is an additional layer of support that keeps the small bones and muscles in the wrist from moving freely when there is an excessive amount of pressure applied on the wrists during an element. 

How do you use the wristbands?

I think it can best shown on this image below:

Which sports can someone use the Sneaky Deez wrist wraps – pole, gym?

Pole dance, gymnastics, yoga or any other sport where there is pressure on the wrists. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in pole dance, weight lifting or any other sport?

I think its harped on a lot, but I see people hurting themselves all the time not doing it: always warm up your body and warm up your wrists before going all out into a session. Don't rush into it, slow and steady wins the race! Injuries are a huge setback that can put anyone out of action for 1 - 12 months.

Do you have any favorite ways of using Sneaky Deez wrist wraps? 

When I am working on my handstands and doing push-ups as well as practicing new elements.

Get a pair for yourself! 

How can people follow you and learn more?

You can visit my website at:

And follow on:

Instagram: @sneakydeez_


Twitter: @ sneakydeez_

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