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SiteSell has made it possible for me to design (simply!!!) this great, functioning and money-making website! I have never built a website before this and had no idea what "HTML" or "keywords" meant or how to make a link go where I wanted it to.

I love pole dancing and being available for my family so this way of making an income is perfect for me. I set my own hours. am my own boss, motivate myself (no deadlines unless I set them!) and am able to create my own schedule. 

I started building this site back in 2009 when I realized that this subject matter was of great interest to me as I was having a hard time finding one site where it would address something of everything in the world of pole.

Usually I Googled my questions and found answers and information from one little site at a time. But I wanted more of a resource that I could go to and find out answers to the questions that not a lot of people addressed, like what to do with your pains from pole dancing, how to choose a pole, what instructional DVDs really had good info and what type of teaching. 

SiteSell, this program that I have used to build this site, has a simple, world-class, step-by-step system to help you design a cash-generating website based off of anything that interests you or that you are knowledgeable about! IT can be a site about your favorite sport, a hobby you love, your career, how to find long-lost family, how to juggle, what to wear to the name it, people are looking for information all day long on the web!

Check out these great and informative videos that will explain simply what SiteSell is about and how it works. If you can read and have a passion for something, this is for YOU! Even if you have a day job, this is a passive income you can build on the side. 

Studio owners can use a site to teach some of their lessons to those members that maybe missed class or to sell their products like shorts, shirts, DVDs, and punch cards. 

Check out some of these great stories of how ordinary, non-experienced men and women of all ages, different countries and of different life stages produced websites that bring them a monthly income from wherever they live!

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