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Can I learn pole myself?

Pole dance at home

Pole dance warm up

Pole dance

How to pole dance

Intro to pole dancing

Beginner moves

Pole dance routine

Pole dance transitions

Pole dance workout

Pole dancing fitness

How to be a spotter

Pole dance with emotion


Aerial invert

Inverted crucifix

Open V invert

Shoulder Mount Inversion

Pole dance invert

Pole inverts

Invert from floor

Pole Dance Spins

Back Hook Spin

Back spiral


Chair spin

Pike spin

Basic spins

Side spiral

Stag spin

Fireman spin

Front hook spin


Flexibility exercise

Wrist/forearm stretches

Pole stretches

Pole splits


Cross training

Core exercises

Weight training

Strength training

Ballet conditioning

Build strength

Off pole training

Struggle Climbing

Pole Up


Armpit hold

Brass monkey

Butterfly extended


Carousel kick


Climbing the pole

Cross ankle release

Fan kick

Full bracket



Iron X

Shoulder mount prance

Pole dance tricks


Super advanced tricks


Wrist sit

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