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I first found Site Build It (also known as SBI! And Solo Build It!) in early 2009. I remember where I was sitting, at my desk in my bedroom near my window where I could see my dogs playing in the backyard. I had been in a car accident a few weeks previously and had to take a break from my job in construction due to my injuries. My husband was away at work as a long-haul truck driver.

The house was quiet but my thoughts were racing: I need to help with income for my family and I am unable to go back to work right now; my two young daughters are at school; is there something that I can do from home?

I researched for days. I finally found and tried some awful programs. One was a get-rich-quick type of copy-and-paste website you build and sell products that didn’t look too good. I bought it in desperation but felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. This wasn’t right. I liked finding and reading quality material online; I would be upset to find some generic crap like this in my searches. I quickly emailed the company and got my money back.

Finding SBI! 

I found the meaning of “affiliate marketing” and it sounded better. The site directed me to Ken Evoy’s free eBook on affiliate marketing along with a Site Build It review that I quickly scanned. This made sense! I liked this guy and his ideas and it gave me some hope and built up a little trust. But how to build up a site where I could sell products that others created?

Then I started searching ‘affiliate marketing’ and ‘how to build a website’ and found more Site Build It reviews. It looked very legitimate and I started reading through the Site Build It reviews. The two things that stood out to me were that it would take me step-by-step through the process and that there was a good money-back-guarantee if things didn’t work out for me. The other important thing that made an impression were all of the people in the reviews that shared their businesses - real online businesses that were build around their own passions and interests! I liked this.

I bought it at the monthly rate of $29.99 and started right away on the SBI! Action Guide. I looked over the 10-day process and realized if I just went one baby step at a time and stayed with the guide, I could do this. I felt more confident when I started watching the videos and then printed the entire Action Guide and started reading and highlighting to get a “Big Picture” of the process in my head. Although I didn’t understand everything, it looked very doable.

SBI! allows me to work from home!

What I love about Site Build It! 

I have not looked back. I built my first site that year. I built about 200 pages in 90 days and wrote an eBook as well. I then found out that I was able to go back to work again and kind of left the site alone - for a LONG time. I didn’t do anything to it. I barely kept up with looking at the traffic it was generating occasionally. I didn’t do any work or updates. It was scary. 

But guess what? I watched as my little eBook sold week after week and traffic grew – for years – without me touching the site. Although this is NOT recommended, I was so caught up in being a working mommy – and kind of a single parent with my husband away so much – that my site just sat on the back-burner of my life.

I love that SBI! Is:

  • Simple to build
  • Easy-to-understand
  • For the non-techie person
  • Fun and friendly
  • Extremely supportive
  • Helps you stay focused on your business and not following a million new rabbit trails in the online world
  • Has an outstanding forum to get involved with
  • Is there for you every little step of the way – literally!
  • A way to build a legitimate online business
  • Not a get-rich-quick-copycat scheme
  • Has REAL case studies of successful entrepreneurs who built on their own personal passions

Beware of Scams and Fake Site Build It Reviews!

There have been some false Site Build It Reviews out there – so beware. Look for real stories of SUCCESS. People that have worked through the real process of building a business – not a false hope of finding a path to wealth though selling a product that will not deliver. SBI! delivers something real. Sites like “Wealthy Affiliate” and others do not. I have been there, wasting time with false hopes that I could make a dollar online through following bad advice. Again, what really sold me on Site Build It were the case studies – story after story of real people with real online businesses – and the proof was all there! I could go to their sites and look through everything.

You can read more here and see for yourself.

Why I will Always Stay with SBI!

This Site Build It Review is my story of finding freedom to start working from my home, earn a living to support my family and to do what I love – share my passion for pole dance and fitness!

I am able now to work full-time from home on my online business. When people ask me, what do I “DO” as in “where do I work”, I say I work from home and have an online business with pride! Solo Build It! has allowed me to be here for my two daughters when my husband passed away and I really was a single parent suddenly. I wanted with all of my heart to be able to be near them, available to take them to school, be there for field trips, be able to volunteer in the classroom at times, and be able to pick them up from school too.

I now no longer leave my site alone – although I can at times – it is MY BUSINESS now! I highly recommend Site Build It! To anyone who is looking for a chance at freedom from being a wage-slave or the person who wants another income source. We all have a passion or interest that we can build a business upon.

I am including links from my Site Build It Review to the website where you can learn more in detail about this outstanding path to online business success but they are not affiliate links for me. I have not been paid a penny to create this review, it is from my heart :)

Want to Learn More about Site Build It?

You can learn more detailed information about Site Build It! here at

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