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Try learning a sexy pole dance for a good workout and adding spice to your routine! It's so fun and empowering to be able to use pole dance as a way to connect with your femininity and sensual side. Unlocking to those hips into a big, slow hip circle and sliding your back down the pole is an amazing feeling. 

Check out my list of favorite movies with pole and lap dance scenes in them for some great ideas and inspiration.

Here is a video clip that give you an idea of what adding some sexiness to your pole dance routine is like:

Adding some spice can include floorwork which can require a lot of flexibility. Grinds, hip movement and other sensual moves that can be learned from watching instructional DVDs as well as learning moves from instructional lap dancing videos. 

How do I add in moves to make a sexy pole dance?

  • Throw in a quick, powerful head flick or quick pole turn. You can choreograph your movements with different speeds and accent moves which can be quick hair flicks and a fast slide down the pole. Shiela Kelly has a great section on this in her book The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman.
  • Make all of your movements slow, deliberate and exaggerated. This is part of the theatrics of performing a dance, especially a dance that is sensual.
  • Visualize. Think of molasses, melting butter, syrup...think of the word "ooze" when you are moving. 
  • Feel. Be aware of your breath, your hair falling across your face and shoulders, the texture of your skin on the pole or the floor - hopefully not carpet - otherwise wear leggings. 

I really don't know how to move sexy...how can I learn?

  • Studio Veena's online lessons is a way to learn some sexy dance moves in the privacy of your own home. She has moves like the 'Booty Pop' and 'Tush Push" as well as a whole section on lap dancing, props and costumes.
  • Get a copy of Sheila Kelley's book S Factor. I love this book because it has pictures, illustrations and text to learn from and breaks down all of the sexy floor and wall moves.
  • Take a pole dance class. Not every instructor teaches in the 'sexy' or 'sensual' style, but you can try it or ask ahead of time if they do floorwork.  
  • Try an instructional DVD. There are SO many to choose from. Below are some of my favorites...you can learn something new from each one as they all have a little different style. 

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