Second International Tournament in Power Sports 2012: Bodybuilding, Bikini, Pole Sport “Grand Prix Fitness House”.

by Olga Chapman
(St Petersburg, Russia)

LocationSaint-Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, RU

DateSun, Nov 4th 2012


Host: Olga Chapman

Second International Tournament in Power Sports 2012: Bodybuilding, Bikini, Pole Sport “Grand Prix Fitness House”.

Date: 4/11/2012 St Petersburg, Russia
Venue: Concert Hall of St Petersburg ‘Palace of Youth’

Governing body: Russian Bodybuilding Federation, St Petersburg Powerlifting Federation, Russian Pole Acrobatics Federation
Finance management (rent, prizes, and banquet): Fitness House Group
Organizers of Pole Sports Tournament: i-Conceptions Ltd (importer and distributer Pole Dancing equipment in Russia), Kat’s Dance Studio, Blacky Dance Studio, Pole4you

Prize funding for Bodybuilding : $10000
Prize funding for Bikini: $ 4400
Prize funding for Pole Sports: $ 3400

The main mission of Pole Sport Grand Prix within Power Sports Tournament “Grand Prix in body building, power lifting and body fitness” is the positioning of Pole Fitness and Pole Sport as a power sport, where the harmony of power and metal makes Pole Fitness and other power sports related.

Pole Sport Grand Prix will demonstrate that Pole Fitness can be a group aerobics class, interesting power sport and dance cardio program. The priority is a competent approach and professional equipment.

Sports equipment and Nutrition exhibition will take place during the event. ‘I-Conceptions Ltd’ will represent X-Pole equipment, Mighty Grip Special Formula and Mighty Grip pole sport protective gear, iTac2 pole wax Extra and Medium strength and other leading brands of the world pole sport industry.

Alisa Pleskova (Israel) – the winner of Pole Sport International 2011 (St Petersburg), the winner of Art of the Pole 2012 (Slovenia), finalist of World Pole Sport Championship (London, 2012);

Yulia Bozina (Krasnoyarsk city) – the winner of Pole Acrobatics Championship 2012 (St Petersburg), the winner of Open Championship of Siberia 2012

Natalia Tomashova - finalist of World Pole Sport Championship (London, 2012), finalist of Battle of the Pole (Stockholm, 2012); the winner of ‘Top-10 2012 Fitness House’ (C-Пб);

Aigul Galiullina (Kazan) – the finalist of Pole Acrobatics Championship 2011 (St Petersburg), the finalist of Pole Sport International 2012 (St Petersburg)

Elena Koroteeva (Moscow) – the winner of 4-th Cup ORTO 2012, the winner of Pole Sport International 2012 (St Petersburg);

Maria Astapova – the winner of Pole Dance Championship 2011, Artistic Category (St Petersburg);

Marina Bogomolova – finalist of Russian Pole Dance Championship South West 2012, 2-st place Miss Pole Dance Battle 2011 (С-Пб);
Ekaterina Senchenko (Rostov-na-Donu)- the winner of Pole festival 'Rostovskiy Pylon' 2011

Ekaterina Gostevskih, Ekaterina Romanova ‘Blacky’, Vladimir Karachunov ‘Volch’

Tournament guests:
1. Sergey Shelestov - IFBB PRO
2. Aleksandr Vishnevskiy – IFBB PRO
3. Igor Gostunin – absolute World Champion in Classic Bodybuilding
4. Dubinin – vice President of IFBB Europe
5. Aleksandr Emelianenko – M1
6. Michael Malutin – M1

Media partners – “Metal World” magazine, “Herkules” magazine, “Flex” magazine, 5TV Chanel,, web sites of Fitness House and Fitness Groupe, Time Out magazine, Overtime magazine
For more information please contact Olga Chapman ( Tel. 0079111811277, E-mail:

For more information visit

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