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The S Factor, created by actress and author Sheila Kelley, combines ballet, yoga, striptease and pole dancing to create a powerful women's workout.

I have a bias towards her since I first became interested in pole dancing after picking up her book The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman and going home and learning every move I could without a pole. And then I bought her movie Dancing at the Blue Iguana to watch her performance as "Stormy" the stripper.

But I couldn't stop there. I was headed to Las Vegas for my birthday and signed up for a Stripper 101 class. You can read about my experience here. It was the start of this incredible journey...on a pole!

So I credit Sheila with the start of my love for pole.

When Sheila was producing the film "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" she needed to prepare for the role of "Stormy" by learning how to striptease and pole dance. In this process, she found her body becoming toner, fitter, leaner and stronger.At this point she decided to take her knowledge of ballet, exercise and exotic dancing and combine them into an effective fitness dance workout devised for and about women.

Sheila has also helped bring pole dancing for fitness into the mainstream for women by bringing out its playful, any "everyday-woman" can do it attitude as she did on the Martha Stewart Show (see the video clip below).

Sheila's mission is also to empower lift your level of self-confidence, to not be afraid of letting that inner 'goddess' out, to embrace the erotic, sensual side of yourself and to unlock all of the tightness that we store in our bodies in the form of stresses and worries. Her warm ups include deep, luxurious stretching and breathing, and almost feel like a great internal massage by the time you get done with it!

I found my hip and back problems and pains dissipated when I started pole dancing because of the nature of the flexibility exercises. The warm up is on her dvd Polework 101. There are two more dvds in the collection: The Beginning and Intermediate with Lap Dance.

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