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I think that the reason why many of us ask "rate my pole dancing, please!" is that we want to know where we fall in the scheme of other dancers in the world of pole.

This is a question we start to ask as we start learning how to put together a routine, throw in your creative dance moves, perfect your spins and finally 'GET' those advanced tricks. You work so hard and get a trick down and want to know what others think, especially those who know the business of poling!

I am currently in search of a service where we can submit our videos and have them professionally rated. Climb and Spin used to offer this service where for $100 you could submit a 5-minute recording of your routine and have the ladies/judges rate it. 

Where else can I have my pole dancing rated?

YouTube has become a popular place for pole dancers to post their videos and even create channels of their recordings. These are great to watch and you can solicit comments from viewers in general here.

You can create an account and even your own channel for free and share it easily with others on Facebook and Twitter and through email.

Studio Veena is a great place to post your video recordings and get feedback from members of that community. There are all levels of dancers there and you can post questions about what you are doing in your video, ask for help or just rating and feedback.

This is probably one of the best places to get good feedback since there are so many dancers, students and instructors - and Veena herself who actively posts to the forums and member posts. If you haven't set up a free account yet and got your free 3-day trial of her subscription to lessons, do so here.

You will find yourself in one of the most supportive and encouraging environments in the pole world right now. You will see that women of all shapes, sizes and ability levels are welcomes, encouraged and applauded for posting videos and photos of themselves and their progress on the pole.

The other members will give you great and valuable feedback on how to make corrections or add to your dance if you ask for it. Free doesn't get better than this!

Questions to ask about your routine

  • How can you play up your strengths? What do they see your strengths as?
  • Where can you add drama in your routine?
  • How can you use the music to your advantage?
  • What message does your dance convey?
  • Is your form correct and clean?
  • Are you engaging your audience?

What if I am trying to get to competition level?

If you are trying to get to the level of pole dancing where you want to compete, I would suggest the following:

  • Start training with an instructor who HAS competed before. They will be able to give you their tips and tricks.
  • If you cannot get an instructor to train you, start with Veena's lessons online as her curriculum is comprehensive and progressive. 
  • Go to any local workshops you can at your local pole studio.
  • Check out the US Pole Dance Federation guidelines for amateur competition below.

 The US Pole Dance Federation also has a list and explanations of competition guidelines that may valuable for you to start using if you are serious about competing.

The minimum requirements for the amateur round are:

20 seconds of continuous floorwork
2 separate spins
1 upright static pose
1 inversion
1 inner thigh hold and

For more information on competitions, click here

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